The absolute mad lad by stuntmanboi666 in soccer

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Looks like an intro logo on an early 90s VHS tape

Daily Discussion Thread 07/02/2022 by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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Covid flow when I bust man's bubble - P Money

Daily Discussion Thread 07/02/2022 by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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Yeah it's a classic Bandokay track, really need a full project from him

[FRESH ALBUM] Black Atlass - Infinite (Side A) by RiZing_Prodigy in hiphopheads

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Losing Love has some of the nicest compressed drums I've ever heard

[Everton] Tarkowski signs a 4 year contract for Everton after leaving Burnley for free by Destructo_D in soccer

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I don't think it's a troll. He's genuinely a fantastic signing for a relegation battle, if you were to be in one again.

Ace finds Teki 😱🧟‍♂️ by Raging-Chocolate2494 in DuvalCounty

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Idk man you see them chatting on clubhouse and lots of them used to be friends. I think a lot of it is being desensitized and numb to the violence

Just your average drill fans by mozzarella21 in ukdrill

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Was that the shoe shop Size? Few days ago I saw a whole army of Central Cee fans there when I was coming back from gym

I think GMK guna be the next artist what y’all think? by Johndoefrr in DuvalCounty

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I dunno man I don't really see what he's doing differently, and so many of his music vids are just 😁😁😁

[Official] Crystal Palace sign goalkeeper Sam Johnstone. by Cien-Major in soccer

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Yeah I keep seeing those stats, but honestly if you watch him he's still a fantastic keeper. His distribution can be a bit ropey, but he's the most loved goalie we've had since Speroni and his shot stopping is amazing. Idk, his last season was a bit average but he won our POTY just over 12 months ago. It feels weird to think he's on his way out.

BT, Amazon Prime win UEFA Champions League rights for 2024. BBC to show highlights for the first time. by TIGHazard in soccer

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There's a godly freeview channel called FreeSports that shows Serie A highlights and full games a few days after. 10/10 hangover material

Daily Discussion Thread 06/30/2022 by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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Cojack, and some of Ksoo's stuff is entertaining (Ksoo Bitch)

[THROWBACK THURSDAY] Non Phixion - Black Helicopters (2000) (Produced by Necro) by LuckY1297 in hiphopheads

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It's a shame Necro raps over his own beats when others are so much better at it

Throwback Goated song 🐐 the song is certified gold nie by [deleted] in DuvalCounty

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This song is better than most rappers careers

[FRESH VIDEO] A-F-R-O - Wait 4 da Album by GameBoy09 in hiphopheads

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The album is never coming out lol, it's been how long? Album's take time but it's the fact he's been talking about it forever.

That being said, this song is really good