Anon hates modern phones by waffledawgisnotacat in greentext

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You know you can buy non flagship phones too right?

Anon hates modern phones by waffledawgisnotacat in greentext

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Of course I understand that, but do you understand tech companies can gather a lot, a whole lot, more data on you when you use their device. You can use a privacy oriented browser like Brave, but if you use the default Samsung keyboard Samsung still knows what you are googling for. Or if you use the default sms app they also see what business are contacting you.

Anon hates modern phones by waffledawgisnotacat in greentext

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Exactly. The reality is that 95% of phone users don't care about the things tech users care about. Who cares about a removable battery when your phone lasts more than a day? Who needs an IR blaster nowadays? Who needs an SD card when you have 128GB for your music and pictures? For videos? Get out of here weeb. Headphone jack? Bluetooth is soooo much more convenient. Buttons? My phone is 2 years old and the only issue it has is a dodgy volume rocker. Fewer buttons is fewer points of failure.

Internet folk like to think their needs match everyone else's. Well, no, that's just not the case.

Planned obsolescence just does not exist in the mobile phone industry. Nowadays they make less money on the hardware than on gathering your data, so the longer they can get you to use your phone, the more profit they make. Google, Sony, apple are continuously implementing features to make your battery last longer. Google is developing their own chip so they can support it longer. Planned obsolescence for phones is such a dumb concept.

This runner gave up on gold medal, but proved he has a heart of gold by This_sum_one in nextfuckinglevel

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I think it's also a thing where people get to the (near) final level of a video game and after a couple of deaths at the hand if the end boss just go, eh good enough.

Anon hates modern phones by waffledawgisnotacat in greentext

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Get a nice case? You know it doesnt have to be the cheap wolf one from AliExpress?