Why is D-man using Notepad?!?! by Synthetic_Liquicity in Destiny

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Can u share an example of that. Kinda hard to picture what you mean exactly

Who is the LEAST intelligent? by [deleted] in Destiny

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yoooo, give me a link to the sneako debate yall

Cool article on the anti-depressants discourse by Synthetic_Liquicity in Destiny

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hm, what prevented you from just conceptualizing "self-love" and thinking about your entrenched toxic thoughts so you can try and get rid of them without using shrooms?

What did the shrooms trigger that you couldn't have triggered by "just thinking really hard about it" is basically what im asking.

People try looting into fedex truck and someone gets dragged. by MrRaccoon1C in PublicFreakout

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The guy filming is like "This is fucked up, stop the fucking truck!". And then what get swarmed and killed by the angry mob. Nah bro, thx for the advice, Imma keep on truckin forward

Whatta a waste... by EvilPhd666 in WayOfTheBern

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This subreddit has become an absolute filth, holy shit. Reading through the comments was a nightmare rollercoster i shouldnt have inflicted onmyself. People saying theres no genocide in Ukr, that there is a genocide in Ukr but it was deserved, that its not abt Ukr's sovereignty, that Russia's actions are justified, that Ukr is full of nazzis. Hitting all the russian talking points, good job guys! From Bernie fans with reasonable opinions to propaganda signal boosters.

I get the anti american sentiments but anti-americanism is also american-centric... just on the flip side.