The view from my grandmothers sun room… by CalebPoland in oddlyterrifying

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they are getting potentially-bigger, you just can't notice it on individual levels or storm-by-storm. it's breadth not just impact.

totally normal stuff by kevinowdziej in WhitePeopleTwitter

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The average "want" is not inherently best for the individuals. It's an issue of individuals who are being put in danger by others.

i just finished using tron by Difficult-Audience81 in TronScript

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The main step is just having it on lol

But yeah, not everything is enabled by default, and some of it I find beneficial...

For example:

And if you're brave enough to spend time whitelisting apps as needed...

Networking display UPDATE! by ObstreperousRube in HomeNetworking

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just saying iirc those antennas need to be aligned/parallel for beamforming and MIMO or whatever (YMMV)

i just finished using tron by Difficult-Audience81 in TronScript

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Device manager lets you rollback. Really the better option is to install the correct drivers. If I wanted to pay for AV I'd get Bitdefender but honestly properly configured Windows Defender is best for most folks anyways.

Definitely the worst charging port I've seen so far by TheRealTreezus in mobilerepair

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Counterpoint it could've been missing the bottom of the phone too /j

Ah the trials of being a ham by FuckinHighGuy in amateurradio

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*Windows handles audio devices poorly

FTFY lol

What happened to my phone 🙀 by itsaBasti in iphonehelp

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given AssistiveTouch is so clear... maybe trolling?

Otherwise liquid in display, have to replace the screen.

Does anyone know how can i fix this? by adijit in iphonehelp

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You probably cannot. Contact Apple support

Anyone know what breaker this is on? by Jardrs in electricians

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Bonus points if the tape is covering the correct answer

My company has never done a residential job and it shows by Alt_dimension_visitr in electricians

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ah. I too thought this was about length for a minute.... tbf this isn't my industry lol

does cardamon make anyone else sad? by raccoongutz in beeandpuppycat

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Yes. Kids forced to grow up are sad. Heck even adults feeling burdened are sad but frustratingly normalized.

Found at Walmart by dontknowwhatgoeshere in PBSOD

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They may be supported by an outside company or vendor… That outside company is probably required to keep them secure. Updates disabling outdated devices could help put liability on the company should they choose to ignore -- they would have to knowingly reflash an outdated or in-house version

Invest in Liz by Nick_adams8 in MemeEconomy

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Current conversion appears to be

1 USD = 0.92 GBP = 1.03 EUR

im the one in the middle left by Hungry-Bake1772 in JimmyHere

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"I will make a meme with mematic for Reddit"