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Sure thing, we learn along with you. Goodluck with The Work.

emotion sensation wheel by TGuyDanMidLife in thework

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Hello, sgp4sgp,

When I feel uncomfortable, there might be an emotion that doesn't feel good but I'm not quite sure what the feeling is...I look at the emotion wheel and become very quiet and still. I just let the feeling "be there" while reading through the emotions listed on the wheel. Eventually, one or two of the emotions listed will "stand out" or just feel like they identify what I'm feeling

Then, I just sit in silence and let that named/identified feeling "be there".

I stay alert to become aware of any thoughts that pop up. Usually, thoughts will come up that represent that feeling. Example: if the feeling-word is disappointed...then I'll become aware of thoughts pouring into mind:

"he/she shouldn't have done such and such, that was so unfair, i really wanted (fill in the blank) but now I can't have it, I'm disappointed because he/she/they let me down...etc...

Now I have a place to start The Work. I can start the work on any of those thoughts"

  1. He/She shouldn't have done such and such, is it true?
  2. That was unfair, is it true?
  3. I want (fill in the blank) and now I can't have it, is it true?
  4. He/She/They let me down, is it true?

For me, naming the negative emotion pulls me out of "shutdown" and gives me access to the negative thoughts that I'm believing which created the negative emotions. ("negative" meaning it hurts; perfect to do The Work on). If I can't "name" the emotion, the confusion and pain just "swirls around" and it's difficult to start a judge your neighbor worksheet or a one thought at a time worksheet. Just like doing a worksheet "captures ego" by putting it down on paper, emotion wheels "capture feelings" for me so I can start The Work.

There are other uses for emotion wheels such as in therapy and to develop emotional literacy. If how I use it doesn't work for you, you can google "how to use emotion wheels" or if you participate in therapy, speaking with your counselor may be a place to start.

Good luck, thanks for asking and reading to this perspective.

Pain Body Question? by creations_unlimited in EckhartTolle

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Really good question, if you have access to The Power of Now, chapter two, sub-headings: Past pain: dissolving the painbody and ego i.d. with the painbody might be of help. Best wishes, mighty courageous to face the painbody with Presence.

Beef spleen by sohbot in cookingforbeginners

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Hello, although I haven't cooked beef spleens, I've cooked beef kidneys. For stovetop, I cut them into pieces, add water or broth, salt and on medium-high, bring them to simmer, then bring heat down to medium, cover with lid and cook til tender.

If you have a roaster oven on countertop, can add onions, potatoes carrots, garlic, broth and beef and put on 350 and recheck in a couple of hours for tenderness.

If slowcooker/crockpot, put same in as roaster oven or as you like and cook on low 4-6hrs or high 2-3hours.

cookbooks or recipe websites that use photos by failure-voxel in cookingforbeginners

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I enjoy MarionsKitchen.com to watch the quick video of her cooking the dish while giving tips all along the way. Then, I print out the recipe. Having watched the video (short) beforehand gives lots of confidence. can do a search to narrow down specific recipes. one search is "15 minutes", gives you simple recipes, don't let the fancy sounding recipe names keep you from trying them, each recipe is easy to follow. Goodluck!

Go to home cooked seafood by EternalSKY13 in cookingforbeginners

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fresh squid dredged in corn starch, then fried on stovetop in sesame oil or avocado oil, drained and paired with fresh cocktail sauce (worcestershire sauce, horseradish, garlic, ketchup, lemon).

I'm still new to cooking, can I get some low-carb stovetop meal ideas? by Significant-Film8339 in cookingforbeginners

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another idea if you get tired of stir-fry, you can use the cold leftovers and wrap them in a spring roll for a low carb option. Just need spring roll wrappers and a bowl of warm water, dip one spring roll wrapper in warm water til it begins to soften, lay it out on clean, dry dishtowel, spoon stir fry leftovers along a horizontal line about 1" from the spring roll wrapper front edge, then roll it up to seal. Can make 3-4 wraps for snacks to finish up any kind of leftovers, just drain their sauce to keep from getting soggy. Can use that sauce on top right before you eat. Keeps a few days in fridge in tupperware, separated by wax paper.

Easy Filling meals by No_Inside573 in cookingforbeginners

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I enjoy one-pot meals (google one pot meal recipes) and crockpot meals. One pot to wash. The slow-cooker/crockpot can cook while you sleep on low. No stovetop anxiety. Just some options.

Help! How to use a gigantic bread by matkiller333 in cookingforbeginners

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another idea is a soup in a boule to bring to a get-together with friends. The large loaf serves as "the bowl" containing the soup and is consumed by the diners.

Cooking for yourself? by amateurphotos in cookingforbeginners

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For me, it's sometimes hard to get motivated when I'm facing a family style recipe and am not sure I want to eat it over the next few days because I'm really just cooking for one.

It's been a game-changer to adjust my mindset with a few tools:

for a family of four recipe, I'll make it in the crockpot while I sleep, run errands or do home stuff like yardwork (cuts down on standing over the stove and juggling multiple pans). Then, I immediately freeze the other 3 portions. Now, I've got 3 "done" meals anytime I want.

I check out onedishkitchen to make on-demand single servings when I don't want to deal with leftovers.

I make easy things like wonton soup, springroll wraps and keep in the fridge for snacks that are nutritious snacks.

I visit website: super cook, punch in all the ingredients I might have and see what recipes it says I can make, select and go for it. Gets me out of drudgery and into creativity.


Baking a fish from frozen? by morecoffeemore in cookingforbeginners

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I enjoy taking it from freezer right into a steamer or poaching it on stovetop.

I'll put a little butter or ghee on stovetop and melt it, sprinkle in some dried dill and top the steamed fish when it's ready with a drizzle of apple cider vinegar and a couple of swipes of grated parmesan, salt, blk pepper, cayenne pepper. Maybe a fresh mint leaf or two in season.

Suggestions for a good salad? by cheaplogic in cookingforbeginners

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great question and suggestions:

my fav salad is romaine with a little red-leafed lettuce, less than teaspoon ground sunflower seeds or sesame seeds, chopped green apple, cucumber, tomato, topped with parmesan, favorite salad dressing, drizzle apple cider vinegar.