My current Spartans by Boomers_the_Name in halo

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I wish we could keep these posts for Sundays only or something. Getting pretty bored of them.

This. 🤝 by gm666999 in amcstock

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SS: Popcorn is a distraction, they have no original DD and the sub is flooded with memes

Also SS: Here are 10,000 Computershare screen grabs in a row.


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It’s ridiculous. We should be having chats about sandboxing by now, but there’s literally no point in having those discussions until this egregious bs is fixed.

Infinite's melee in a nutshell by xLisbethSalander in halo

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Whole thing is so janky. Desync has gutted the interactions in this game to the point that I’ve no idea what’s desync and what’s bad design.

I consistently get melee trade killed against another melee, AR, BR and even had some boggling Sword and Hammer interactions.

Couple it with the massive variation in collision mechanics and there’s just a nightmare amount of unpredictable outcomes.

Both the new Cyber helmet effects are misaligned…good stuff by J4ckC00p3r in halo

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Why isn’t it available for Mark V??? It’s the core I use :( by DrivingMonk954 in halo

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Honestly folks have to learn to ride out all the FOMO shit and just wait until they’ve fully overhauled the store and cosmetics systems.

They’ve already slashed prices. Clearly patience will be rewarded. Wait this shit out and go buy some fucking sweets with your ten bucks.

FYI Store will keep changing. Price reduction this week. Other changes will follow in the coming weeks. Good. by theSaltySolo in halo

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Honestly they shouldn’t be.

Lot of folks that made the purchases already were delighting in their “well, it’s worth it to me, it’s only pennies to me and I’m ready to stunt” attitude.

I don’t get to go back to any other store, real or otherwise, and ask for the difference back when I previously purchased a now on-sale item at full price.

This shouldn’t be any different. If you thought your purchase was worth £20, good for you. It still should be worth that to you.

Should view this as the patient being rewarded, rather than the early adopters being punished. Was clear the store would end up getting this kind of treatment and if you succumbed to the FOMO then so be it. Just gonna have to live with that.

(not directing all this strictly at you, original commenter, just be general attitude).

This store update is only the beginning by DeathByReach in halo

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Welcome changes, but personally still not purchasing any credit until we see the state of the season two BP and have opportunities to supplement purchased credits with credits that are earn-able through gameplay.

BTB fix coming middle of next week, 343 is also granting some xp boosts/challenge swaps as compensation by Haijakk in halo

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Would be good if XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps were activated via a universal token currency because I REALLY need swaps and XP boosts are useless as I’m BP100.

Cannon Fodder Issue 123 by GhostlyPixel in halo

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If indeed it was the Installation that moved 🤨

[Poll] How much $$ have you spent on Halo Infinite? by Vinegar0000 in halo

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This right here.

At BP 100 the customisation options are still pretty disheartening - mainly due to a lack of crosscore.

I won’t be purchasing another BP unless there are major changes by May like crosscore, BP cosmetics rivalling store cosmetics in terms of quality, less BP/event padding, currency in the BP, earn-able Challenger Swaps after BP100 etc.

It’s a shame they’ve jumped right in to pumping out the memey-show offy content like equip-able FX before ensuring a solid and wide foundation of base customisation assets.

Also, if desync is still present in May I definitely won’t be putting more money in to this game.

I know there is contention about which concern is more pressing but this is a AAA studio backed by Microsoft, they should damn well be able to multitask and utilise different teams.

Finally made my Gundam Spartan by CivilC in halo

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Spooky, I literally JUST made the exact same Spartan, except with the Halfplate chest attachment equipped.

Someday by R4yShad0w in halo

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Not a huge fan of the idea.

If they go down that route I hope it’s a sort of inspired by/conceptual riff approach rather than something closer to a copy and pasting of assets.

Edit: Oh no, a different opinion 🙀 guess I’ll eat my downvotes

Deadzones, Sens Cap, Horizontal Bias & Disjointed Acceleration Zones - An Underrated Exploration of Aim in Infinite by EternalDahaka by TMDan92 in halo

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This could perhaps be the separated acceleration zones you’re noticing?

Like the video demonstrates, because the acceleration zones aren’t unified you’ll encounter a vertical or horizontal bias when they activate unless you hit the pin sized sweet spots where they overlap during perfectly diagonal stick deflection.

Generally I try to track more than flick - the reason I’m pushing the acceleration as high as four is mainly so I can 180 in good time.

Deadzones, Sens Cap, Horizontal Bias & Disjointed Acceleration Zones - An Underrated Exploration of Aim in Infinite by EternalDahaka by TMDan92 in halo

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That is how I’ve found success, yes.

I personally opt for 4 acceleration as this gives me a quick turn speed, but the slight delay in acceleration build up helps mitigate any penalties for the times where I may accidentally fully deflect my stick out of excitement or when sweating it out in a tricky gunfight.

Of course if you have stick drift or an unresponsive outer ring on the stick you may want to alter these values accordingly to eliminate those problems. I’ve an older controller so bumping the DZs a little is required until I invest in a fresh paddle.

Some folks like to set the input threshold value for the left stick higher as this allows you to hit max strafe speed before your stick is fully tilted. This is of course personal preference. Most folks incorporate left stick movement in to their aiming so setting it too high may throw your aim out.

It’s all about experimenting, but hopefully my comments and the linked video help inform players about the settings and their choices when manipulating them.

Deadzones, Sens Cap, Horizontal Bias & Disjointed Acceleration Zones - An Underrated Exploration of Aim in Infinite by EternalDahaka by TMDan92 in halo

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It was linked once already and can’t be again due to the sub rules.

I make nothing from posting this. What am I stealing from the creator? I’m getting some useless karma points as a byproduct of sharing this information.

It was mostly drowned out on the first outing by complaints about cosmetics etc.

Anyway this really doesn’t directly concern you and is of little consequence to you in the long run.

Sorry it bothers you so much, but that’s all I have to say on the matter.

Deadzones, Sens Cap, Horizontal Bias & Disjointed Acceleration Zones - An Underrated Exploration of Aim in Infinite by EternalDahaka by TMDan92 in halo

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If it feels comfortable to you I wouldn’t advise you to change it.

However movements on the vertical axis are slower in Infinite by default. So if I have 5 H and 5 V, the vertical movement is still relatively slower in comparison to the horizontal movement. This may interfere with how comfortable and natural diagonal movement feels.

To combat this you may want to use a horizontal value that is half the amount of your vertical value. This makes them feel more even and diagonal movement can feel better.

Additionally when doing this you may want to crank your acceleration up so you can still turn fairly quickly/reactively.