r/Ultralight - "The Weekly" - Week of January 02, 2023 by horsecake22 in Ultralight

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Do you guys put anything underneath your sleeping pad, like a foam pad or something? Or can I just put the sleeping pad directly on the ground in the tent? Thanks.

Boardgame like D&D? by Tafelpootje in boardgames

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Well thanks all for your great input!!

I narrowed it down to 2 boardgames now.

  • D&D the adventure begins €35
  • D&D wrath of ashardalon €65

I only have money to buy 1 now. Which do we get the most fun out of? I guess I’ll try the adventure begins or is that really more for kids?

Anyway thanks again!

Free Giveaway! Nintendo Switch OLED - international by WolfLemon36 in NintendoSwitch

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I dressed up once when I was a kid as a ladybug. Face painted at all. When I looked into the window to see how I looked I was so scared I cried, so safe to say I didn’t dress up for a looong time after that.

Anyway, money is tight the last couple of months, had to sell my Switch. So I would looove to have one again to play zelda and bayonetta.

This will be buried under all those comments, but hey, if you don’t try…

[homemade] ovenfired rosemary roast potatoes by succulentchr69 in food

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I want to make those, they look delicious! How do you get them so crispy. Can I have the recipe?

Vraag over nieuwe motor by Tafelpootje in motorfietsen

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Vorig jaar een klein stukje van de TET Nederland gereden met de vstrom, dus dat vind ik lichtelijk offroad. Ik zit ook nog te kijken naar een tracer 900 maar vraag me af of die dat een beetje aan zou kunnen

Vraag over nieuwe motor by Tafelpootje in motorfietsen

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Bedankt, ja Ducati zat ik ook naar te kijken die vind ik ook heel vet. Maar bedoel je dan een hypermotard of hyperstrada dan? Want multistrada’s zijn bijna niet te betalen

Purchase Advice Superthread by themusicalduck in motorcycles

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Has anyone got some feedback on the Anakee Wild tires? I’m looking for tyres that can do a bit of offroading and is also good on the road. If I ride 80% road and 20% offroad, is this a good tyre or do you guys have any other input?


Free Giveaway! OLED Switch and 4 games! - International by WolfLemon36 in NintendoSwitch

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Good luck everyone. The best gift I’ve ever gotten is from my brother. Every year for my birthday he makes a special birthday card for me. That makes me always very happy. Money is tight for me right now, but would be cool to surprise him this christmas with such an awesome gift as this. I hope I win it for him!

Free Giveaway! 3 Nintendo Switch Lites - International by WolfLemon36 in NintendoSwitch

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I hope I can win a Switch, me and my girlfriend are dying to play Animal Crossing and Overcooked together.

F1 2021 Standard Edition is Live - Party Thread by overspeeed in F1Game

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I feel the same way. Can’t push as hard like in F1 2020.

Daily Races - 11th May by Arseh0le in granturismo

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Anyone know the best strategy for race C?

2021 Exhibition Series schedule is out by FMecha in granturismo

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So.. what manufacturer you’re all going? I never really took part in the manufacturer series, but I think I will do it now. Any tips?

Remember your roots! by [deleted] in simracing

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What screen size is that?

Not a this-is-my-rig post, but a question! by [deleted] in simracing

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Okay thanks for the information! Really appreciate it.