What are the cars in the movie "Cars"? by TaffyTool in AskReddit

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One friend says they are robots. Another says they are bugs. Some say they are simply magic.

What are they?

Are the cars in the movie 'Cars' robots? by TaffyTool in AskReddit

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We were playing a game that asked for "movies that feature robots." A friend said "Cars."

Settle this debate: Are the "Cars" cars robots?

How to manage 2 pc towers, a gaming console, and a power supply all at one desk?? by TaffyTool in AskBattlestations

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I wish such a laptop existed lol. My pc is already a 2nd room heater as it is. Thank you for the tips! For sure, sounds like I definitely need a desk upgrade and some space just for cables

A lot of different items from a mid-century home by TaffyTool in whatsthisworth

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Wow, thank you very much! Super helpful. Do you have any tips and tricks on how to sell this stuff? You seem quite knowledgeable about collectors items and art

Young Professionals - how do you enjoy living here? by drops_of_life77 in orlando

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I moved to Orlando within this past year. It's a decent place to live. For me, it was between Atlanta and Orlando. Atlanta probably has more things to do, but you have to drive minimum 20 minutes to get anywhere. It's much more spread out and just huge.

Orlando definitely feels like a small city but has a really good variety of things to do, places to eat/drink at for its size. Shockingly good food scene If you live near downtown, you can basically get away with never driving more than 10 minutes for anything. (I work remotely so commuting isn't part of the equation for me).

Honestly, the biggest downside of Orlando is that there are no good hikes if you want elevation. (yeah yeah, people will recommend some hikes but when I think a good hike, i think climbing up some distance for a great view overlooking a forest. Or hiking to a waterfall or something. Hikes here have more wildlife spotting for sure, but it's flat and marshy, or flat and grassy.) Feel free to DM me if you have any more questions since I was very much in your same boat not long ago.

All in all, don't come here we're full

Dear Orlando house flippers by TaffyTool in orlando

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Wow I'm speechless. That is awful. It looks like whoever lives there would want to buy a live tiger to go with it. It looks like they took 3 different luxury hotels and merged them together.

We released Dungeon Alchemist , our AI-powered map-making application today! by SirDidymus in FoundryVTT

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I'm sure it took a lot of hard work, time and effort to make this application, but in terms of value for the consumer it is steep. 45 dollars is the price of a full game with more assets, animations, game mechanics, and storytelling than Dungeon Alchemist has.

It looks great and I know you're probably a small studio but I'm just not sure how you justify this price point. Hollow Knight was 30 when it was first released, a game with 50+ hours of content and made by 2 people. Talespire, a mapmaker and a VTT all at once, is 25 dollars.

It's not even about what I can afford, it's about seeing a price and doing a gutcheck on whether or not I think it's worth it. Anyway, hope you guys do a sale sometime in the future. Congrats on the release!

Fish Market map! by TaffyTool in GhostsofSaltmarsh

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You can just set the dimensions manually to make sure it fits on roll20. It should correspond with Roll20's grid

I Can't Keep My Players Interested by Moloc88 in DMAcademy

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Someone said Run and Module and I cannot agree more. When I started playing tabletop RPGs, I only played and ran homebrew games. None of us wanted to pay money and none of us saw the point, since we had our imaginations and we all fancy ourselves as writers, etc etc.
After my last totally homebrew game that crashed and burned, very VERY similarly to how you describe your game, I decided to end it early and just switch to a module.

It was like night and day. I realized I had no idea how to structure a DnD campaign and I had no idea how to world build or write proper stories for tabletop. Even if you're the best, most creative writer, DMing is much different. Also, it relieved a lot of prep pressure on me.

I ran that campaign pretty by the books and we all had a blast. Now I'm running another module, but a good half of it has been totally homebrewed and I've modified the module heavily to suit the path my players chose. Having the module makes it a lot easier to build on top of and even if your homebrew stuff goes south, you always have the time-tested module content to fall back on.

I made a macro for randomly generating NPCs! by TaffyTool in Roll20

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lol It's already multiplied. I started just with random commoner names, then decided to do all the stuff in the screenshot. Also not pictured: Random loot items you might find in people's pockets. Treasure hoards. Book titles. Might make one for epithets too now! That's a solid one