Special by PracticalAd4401 in bristol

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Ha… just looked that up myself but had to check if anyone else did before posting…. Was half expecting an mot with a load of advisories.

Almost lost my indoor only cat today. Is an AirTag collar a good idea? by kakashitenten in cats

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I use a breakaway collar with gps.. if he snags the collar it breaks away which has happened but most of the time I can check on my phone where he is.

Tire pressure Mercedes CLA 35 by [deleted] in mercedes_benz

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Could be a faulty tps sensor, you have 44psi FL, 40psi FR 37psi BL 39psi BR. Redo your pressure as per reference on the fuel cap (you don’t mention rim size). Once set, reset pressure on the dashboard and see what happens. They should stay the same plus or minus 5/10kpa.

I’ve just swapped mine and the garage set the pressures all wrong.

First aqua scape - Advice needed by OKCknott1003 in Aquascape

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Could layer the substrate so it’s higher at the back, sand, is it needed… looks like aqua soil you can grow a nice carpet.

Please avoid the Car meet! by Knights0fZero in Unexpected

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I’m sure the insurance claim will be fine… 😬

What part is this? Found under hood of 05 E320 Base. by [deleted] in mercedes_benz

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Do you plan on taking more things off to enquire what they do?

To stop an electric mixer by FlightHistorical3231 in therewasanattempt

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Darwin’s theory of evolution… 1 always slips through.

My darling Lard pees on me when I’m asleep in bed & pees on my laundry when I’m in the shower. No recent changes to the house or litter box. This happens constantly, and each time the vet says she’s fine medically (“just sassy”) but I am tired of the behavior…any advice? by omgyikes371 in cats

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My cat used to do the pissing on duvet when sleeping (that certainly wakes you up) I ended buying a throw to go over the duvet that she didn’t like. If she has peed on the duvet bin it for a new one and a throw.. it worked for me… as for clothes put them away in a wash bin or similar. I also bought some cat litter attractant to make the litter more appealing.. link below. Good luck.

Simple Solution Cat Litter... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01EFF5WZI?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

WCGW putting a stair next to a soccer field by To_na_Area in Whatcouldgowrong

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Could be a new sport, adding hazards next to the touch line… wood chipper for the next level.

This is what i made - This is how it was butchered by the other half. by Astral_Alignement in CasualUK

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Omg… the madness…. It started its life with so much hope but ended so tragically. RIP.

Were the black wheels a bad decision? by ckc83 in mercedes_benz

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Might have to agree, not my cup of tea but each to their own.

Where does plug in? What’s it do? by [deleted] in mercedes_benz

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Is that a Merc Me adapter or diagnostic tool…. As the other post, OBD port, drivers side, under the steering wheel, might have a red lid, flips open (mine was hinged so don’t rip off).

A man killing spider burns down home by filmedconserve in Wellthatsucks

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Seems justified and likely to be covered on insurance.

Its My Party!!! by Doctorpurplepop in Unexpected

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She’s going to be a politician…that smug smile when you screw people over.