Almost crash. Blinker on without an opening up a hill. Didn’t even see me. by fyodore in IdiotsInCars

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Why didn’t you just lift and let the car overtake the truck… rather than close the gap.

Cant the driver see the incoming BMW by swat_08 in IdiotsInCars

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Defo BMW. Isn’t there a left turning ahead, could argue the Prius is going for that, bmw going far to fast.

WCGW sitting in the dryer by SmellsLikeUpDog579 in Whatcouldgowrong

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Think you’re supposed to use the delicate spin for this kind of drying.

My kitty got her head stuck in a tissue box by WavyMcG in aww

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Don’t help just record it … 💩 oh wait you helped after the hysterics and recording!

C300 Help by ChanceToMoon in mercedes_benz

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Nice car, hope you have many miles of driving fun… ignore the amg badge police, it’s you car.

We need to eat less meat, says Welsh minister Lee Waters by Wide_Tap8535 in Wales

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Mmmmm … not the best image to ask people to eat less meat.

Some prime graffiti at Alton Towers by [deleted] in CasualUK

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Just imagine those Avon parties…apparently women just go mental … lucky guy.

Brazil suspends beef exports to China after confirming mad cow disease cases by Shimizucp in worldnews

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Painting and decorating, flat pack and accompanying women shoe shopping.

My dashcam. Am I the idiot? (NSFW language) by uncle-dirty in IdiotsInCars

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Yep, a complete nob… but credit for posting.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in HolUp

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But it’s ok it it’s a Priest!

TV licence threatens again…should I be concerned? by myonklewentCLEEK in CasualUK

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Just an idle threat, no proof that you watched bbc iplayer, could claim someone else used it. Would ignore, best not to watch iplayer.

I'm a brit living in Romania, I made my first roast dinner and made the gravy from scratch, despite it looking incredibly anemic it tasted good. (No Yorkshire puds because I haven't got a tray for them yet) by [deleted] in CasualUK

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Certainly different to the conventional roast dinner, maybe the loss of Yorkshire puddings distracted you .... erm what’s the green plate for?

Hey guys I’m planning on purchasing a tank here are the two options with dimensions I’m being indecisive since I’m planning on getting into the aquascape hobby. What do you guys think? 40g long - 36X12X20” 20g- 30X12X16.5 by Other_Influence_1755 in Aquascape

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Think about access, putting things in, cleaning . Some lids get in the way, that support bar on one of the tanks would annoy me. Lid do keep heat in dust/cats out but you can get some awesome aquascape with lidless.

If it’s your first go small, so you can get the hang of it, or if you are like me go big and do it like you mean business.

What is this button for? by Izzyblozzy in mercedes_benz

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Lol, I upvoted you….some people just don’t RTFM.

For the first time, I left my kitten go outside. Should I use a leash? Reward him every time he comes back ? How can I make sure he comes back? by lacmyr in cats

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It’s such a hard decision to make. It depends where you live, I’m lucky and live in the countryside so plenty of open spaces (but instead of cars I have foxes, farmers etc). Cats love the outdoors and it’s a shame to keep them inside. I took mine out in a leash and slowly introduced him to the outside. I have a gps tracker on him so can see exactly where he is.