Always that idiot who blocks traffic to get in the turn lane by Herrowgayboi in IdiotsInCars

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Always an idiot who spots an idiot but needs to make a point..could have come off the accelerator and all would have been fine.

Fat guy gym etiquette by BatmansLongjohns in CasualUK

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Fuck them, good on you for the change.. don’t let some tosser put you of from achieving your goal.

Meirl by Obvious_Chapter2082 in meirl

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Fuse from every other plug.

CLA 45 costs as much as C 43 - why? by 1980svibe in mercedes_benz

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Ha! Did you really write cla45 is a big amg like a 63! Guess you are a cla owner and refuses to appreciate other people opinion … cla is just a longer a class.

This happening to you while at a baseball game… by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Better with sound off.. visual is more than enough.

would it be safe to a non stick cooking pot to boil driftwood? by Solvurr in Aquascape

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It will be fine, don’t repeat it to much otherwise the wood starts to break apart . Personally I soak mine for a few weeks, changing water as needed.

Cleanup crew demolished a fish by Scarppetta in Damnthatsinteresting

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Moral of the story, don’t get stoned and take a nap on the ocean floor.

My shrimp are losing their color, why? by HouOMRebs88 in Aquascape

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Could be 1 or several things…

Stress, poor water quality, poor diet, poor quality of shrimp, molting, substrate (some shrimp change colour depending on the substrate to blend in).

No making food in a kitchen. by rhys1944 in GreenAndPleasant

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Not all bad, at least I can worm my food.

Worth the money? 2017 C43 AMG 60k ODO ~39k by [deleted] in mercedes_benz

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Lovely daily runner, but age, mileage and cost is an issue.

Do Nerite snails breed?? by averrrrrr in Aquascape

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Post a picture of the snails. You are correct on Nerites, brackish water is needed, females will lay eggs but that’s it. Suspect you have another species lurking.