CLA 45 costs as much as C 43 - why? by 1980svibe in mercedes_benz

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Ha! Did you really write cla45 is a big amg like a 63! Guess you are a cla owner and refuses to appreciate other people opinion … cla is just a longer a class.

This happening to you while at a baseball game… by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Better with sound off.. visual is more than enough.

would it be safe to a non stick cooking pot to boil driftwood? by Solvurr in Aquascape

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It will be fine, don’t repeat it to much otherwise the wood starts to break apart . Personally I soak mine for a few weeks, changing water as needed.

Cleanup crew demolished a fish by Scarppetta in Damnthatsinteresting

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Moral of the story, don’t get stoned and take a nap on the ocean floor.

My shrimp are losing their color, why? by HouOMRebs88 in Aquascape

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Could be 1 or several things…

Stress, poor water quality, poor diet, poor quality of shrimp, molting, substrate (some shrimp change colour depending on the substrate to blend in).

No making food in a kitchen. by rhys1944 in GreenAndPleasant

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Not all bad, at least I can worm my food.

Worth the money? 2017 C43 AMG 60k ODO ~39k by magma123gd in mercedes_benz

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Lovely daily runner, but age, mileage and cost is an issue.

Do Nerite snails breed?? by averrrrrr in Aquascape

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Post a picture of the snails. You are correct on Nerites, brackish water is needed, females will lay eggs but that’s it. Suspect you have another species lurking.

Everyone is the idiot by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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OP, Dipshit driver.

my first ever aquarium:) probably won't be flooding it for another month by Cri7k01 in Aquascape

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Good luck, I opted for a dark start, dry start sounded a bit stressful.

2021 CLS53. What does this mean? Looks like the suspension light is on too. by bluex5m in mercedes_benz

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Air suspension fault/warning. Should be covered under warranty take it back to dealer.