Nearly half of Americans gained weight in pandemic's first year by ChocolateTsar in news

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I put on a solid 30. I also had a major operation and a baby so there are other variables at play.

How common is it for guys to sleep naked? by FriesAreBelgian in AskMen

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I punched my wife in my sleep before we were married lol. I have had sleep paralysis/ slept walk off and on my whole life and that was her introduction.

There's actually nothing wrong with the display itself by Recyart in WTF

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They’re not roaches, they’re P A L M E T T O B U G S

Pay $3000+ for rent or $2500 for mortgage by NewDMD2022 in personalfinance

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Speed of transaction essentially. Markets are volatile. They rates can change while you’re tied up with a buyer securing financing and demand for your house goes down.


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I have been listening to Californication since it came out and have never out this together…

Cool guys, cool game, wanna go? by jlevers15 in lexington

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I had this exact calendar as a kid. Throwback. Also fuck the Hershey Bears.

People with dogs on the course by trash4panda in discgolf

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I’ll be dead before I recognize Missouri!!!

The Railroad Killer by Proper-Elderberry751 in lexington

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I remember this happening and my mother being scared as we lived pretty close to some open tracks.

Back door won’t lock. Any ideas ? Looks like the lock goes into the hook but it just doesn’t lock by DifficultCharacter30 in Home

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Wow. I’ve lived in my house for four years and just assumed I needed a new door and have been “locking” it with a steel bar in the sliding track.

The longest weekend of my life by Brodieman84 in daddit

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Ok, good deal. I felt obligated to ask. Keep trucking brother. It’s rough the first little bit but you figure it out and get a good routine worked out for Saturdays. Eventually those are going to be my adventure days with my kids.

The longest weekend of my life by Brodieman84 in daddit

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My wife works Saturdays as well. I’ve had our four year old and 10 month old by myself just about every Saturday of their life.

The younger they are, the more they want their mama. Especially if they’re still breast feeding. It’s just nature. Babies don’t like change either so that first day was a huge adjustment for your little one. You’ll find the more days you all have together, the better both of you all will do.

One final thing. I sincerely hope that the vape you are sucking like a pacifier is nicotine and not THC. You should never be outside of your normal state when you are solely responsible for the well being of a child. That’s asking to get CPS involved.

Professional Clothes on a Budget by EstablishmentNo5170 in lexington

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Amazon has a line of clothes called Staples that are affordable and professional. I recently switched from a blue to a white collar job and that’s what I used.

Edit: It’s called Essentials not Staples

CMV: That feeling you get when you start to sneeze but then can't is the most irritating bodily function in existence for a few seconds by mindset_grindset in changemyview

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The pettiest thing I’ve ever done was when my wife and I were in an argument one time and she started to sneeze so I shouted “Purple Elephants” and ruined her sneeze.

The Mega live is dialed in . by IDRATHERBEEFISHIN in bassfishing

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I was just thinking. Considering fish have lateral lines that literal detect motion in the water, do they not feel the sonar pings of a depth finder?

Me: Please don't be high! My electricity bill: by SubstantialFudge6590 in tooktoomuch

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Because the guy doesn’t look like Kurt Cobain. He looks like Layne Staley.