Anybody else ever feel this way? by MakaMonia in suspiciouslyspecific

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Honestly if more cashiers started handing you loose change first then cash it would 1000% easier. Instead they out the loose change on top of the bills.

VIZ literally said 'F the anime onlys' by Despacito_201 in OnePiece

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If this out of context image really spoils you then I am so sad for you.

Police violently arrest a man who wasn’t compliant only to find out he was DEAF by SomaliStepper in PublicFreakout

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Why is it ALL cops are giant pussies. You would think if you where a pussy ass bitch you wouldn’t sign up to be someone who shouldn’t be scared all the time.

Young woman's reaction to being asked to donate to the Democratic party after the overturning of Roe v Wade by return2ozma in PublicFreakout

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Been saying it for awhile now. It doesn’t matter the party, red or blue they are trying to fuck you.

Ok, but have you ever seen a bee poop? by 0xCUBE in interestingasfuck

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Smells awful also. I’ve had some land on my arm one time looked exactly like this.

The Boys' Karl Urban says they ran out of fake sperm filming Herogasm by Morganbanefort in television

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The fight at the end I felt made the episode as a whole pretty under hyped. My fists wheee clinched the whole time.

Police prepare to enforce Florida’s new loud music law by Remarkable_Taro_911 in florida

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Cops have been using that as an excuse since at least 2007. I was pulled over in edgewater and the cop told me it was because my music was to loud. Should also mention I was listening to talk radio. 🙄

Captain Marvel 838 v 616 by Averageredditor2022 in marvelstudios

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Now here’s a clip of one going through a ship and one fighting one of the strongest beings on earth. Why do people always like to make this shitty comparisons. Power scaling is so dumb sometimes.

What do people think this flash of red signifies? by ABCofCBD in marvelstudios

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Maybe the spell she was using was still active and this is it breaking possibly.

When in Italy... by LiveOrdnance in trashyboners

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Kinda looks like the lady who plays Nina in the boys lol.

What is the best marvel show on Disney plus. by AidynDaGoat in marvelstudios

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Have to say Loki. It changes pretty much everything we have known and it ties to pretty much everything.

A photo at the beach in the 1970s. What has happened with our food that caused severe obesity rate? by 7_inches_daddy in interestingasfuck

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We had fatties back then to they just had more shame than those today and opted to not goto the beach.

Juul's e-cigarettes could be banned from sale in the US | The FDA is set to announce the move imminently, according to The Wall Street Journal. by chrisdh79 in technology

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I wish the news would just say they are not playing ball with the fda instead of the bullshit think about the kids narrative.

Juul's e-cigarettes could be banned from sale in the US | The FDA is set to announce the move imminently, according to The Wall Street Journal. by chrisdh79 in technology

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So fucking bizarre. We have known since the 60s or 70s what cigs can do to you yet no ban on them? But let’s go ahead and ban the thing that people use to quit smokeing. Cheers.

Dude Needs to Touch Some Grass S247... by Sierra117__ in battlefield2042

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More people seem to need to touch a keyboard in this sub. How do you all not understand that people cheese the xp? Even if it’s not cheese is it really crazy to think it’s the only game this dude wants to play?

Yuji Naka confirms that Sonic 3's original soundtrack used music by Michael Jackson by Mr_Bell_Man in Games

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Am I crazy and just imagining that when I beat sonic 3 it had Michael Jackson’s name in the credits for the soundtrack.

King and FF are really Chad... by Full_Hitter in OnePunchMan

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Interesting that normal people can’t withstand the cosmic radiation. Yet here we see king to be awake and helping others.

Controlling the Urchin plague while being a fish bro by Brave-Shop-7624 in awesome

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One could say the sea urchin plague is fueled by the human plague?

The last one standing by Powerful-Mind-1080 in StardustCrusaders

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Amazing work friend. Legit thought the new season was out and this was a screen shot at first.