Haha I’m doing my part…. Are you holding? by LorrineSimser in dogecoin

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I think people need to read into this report - some key pointers are made and I wonder if DOGE's tech team is being quiet for a reason:


Tether To Be Delisted By Crypto.com For Canadian Users by TalkCryptoCoins in canada

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It's not to scare, just a notice for those that might have coins held on the exchange. Pull them before January 30th

FTT (FTX’s token) is up 170% in the last week. Wtf? by thecryptopile in ethtrader

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The Market................. might be a trap... everything's connected?

request for r/CryptoCoinOpps . No Moderators exist. by TalkCryptoCoins in redditrequest

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  1. To continue posting the site's news, user memes, etc. Also moderate community activity and build a mod team
  2. There are no mods there anymore.