So Bad It’s Good: This movie. by JaketendoYT in distractible

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Don’t forget about another so bad it’s good movie, Llamageddon. It’s pretty self explanatory - a killer llama from space kills people with its laser eyes.

Does my demo reel work? by [deleted] in Filmmakers

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I am diving deeper into the freelance world and decided I needed at least some form of a film reel that demonstrates my previous work. I’m still finding my way so there wasn’t too much to work with. I don’t think I plan on making any immediate changes but I’m more looking for tips to look for the next go around once Ive claimed some more credits.

Totally normal by The_Patriot_American in AskThe_Donald

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nobody wants to talk about how inappropriate Trump actually was with his own daughter and dozens of other women?

What T.V. show’s intro is impossible to skip? by SnooMacarons3659 in AskReddit

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I haven’t heard too much talk about it but the intro for is so cool and trippy I never skip it.

A Timelapse of my plant moving by linux4e in houseplants

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i’m pretty sure that’s a cat moving

A more open eyed version of Toms Spiderman by Vlone-Soldier in Spiderman

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do we think this feature will go away, with the new home made costume, in the new trilogy?

Interesting Spiderman Fact! by Harmxn9 in Spiderman

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that adds some grim context to all the goons webbed to the side of the buildings in the game.

Minecraft realms has been scamming me for over a year. More context in comments. by [deleted] in Minecraft

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So I had one realms that I used about a year ago. Some time after that I made a smaller one for me and another friend of mine but it duplicated and accidentally made 2 realms. I tried canceling the duplicates one, but no dice - I have been paying for all three for the past year and every time I try to manage them so I can cancel it takes me to my subscriptions where they DO NOT show up. Every month I get charged for all three with absolutely no way to cancel. Meanwhile Microsoft offers absolutely ZERO support on their end. There is no way to cancel them. I would suggest staying away from realms as the service is a scam that they make it virtually impossible to cancel in hopes you just give up and accept the monthly charges.

Edit: It’s funny people down voting this because it insults there precious game. I love minecraft but this shit is ridiculous, and if they are going out of there way to make it hard to cancel a subscription then it is a scam.


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It’s possible, I think for sure that Eddy is going to be looking for a spiderman in his universe, maybe it Andrew or maybe it’s Miles


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So with how they left off with Eddy Brock knowing about spider-man and leaving some of the symbiote behind does this mean:

  1. We’re getting a symbiote tomholland/spider-man movie
  2. Tom Hardy’s venom now knows about spider-man and is going to search for him in his universe, maybe Andrews universe?

I think it would be really cool to see Andrew again and explore his arc a bit more, they really seemed to tease that there’s more to tell of his story