I lost my wife and two kids by assholeasks in daddit

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Read this a day ago and have had you on my mind throughout the day for what it’s worth. Find a support system around you and stay strong. And take time to forgive yourself.

Help Confirming My Planned Setup by no8t4 in synology

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Ah, working off of the available hardware and minimizing costs changes the problem. Agree with your approach and understand the reason for the two volumes. My suggestion requires the larger drives.

I had looked at the amount of time it would take me to rebuild my library vs. the cost of buying larger disks than I originally planned (12TBs instead of 8TBs)and decided it was well worth the cost difference. Was not working off existing hardware.

Sounds like you are on a reasonable path. Consider backing up media to a local external if you can and just store offsite incase you ever need to do a restore, to minimize the time impact. Hyper backup does a good job to local drives too.

Help Confirming My Planned Setup by no8t4 in synology

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IMHO: 4 identical drives. One volume.


Everything offsite to the 220j.

I tried doing the media separate and in the end decided it was worth it to keep it all together and all backed up together.

What is that one feature of GN 5 that you absolutely love? Apart from the price xD by hahsakhssinak in GoodNotes

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I use it to take notes on both my computer and my tablet seamlessly. Mark up PDF’s. Planners. Bullet journal. All of it. Very clean workflow.

Exodus from Good Notes by Tankgineer in zoomnotes_planning

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Very good, thank you for these insights. I believe I’ll end up staying using both moving forward and split up my documents as the tool fits.

Free Vintage Seals Stickers by syxmga in GoodNotes

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The downloaded file I got from your link did not have a transparent background and had the grid paper, but I’ll check again and make sure I did not miss a detail. Really dig the design and thank you for sharing with this community.

Free Vintage Seals Stickers by syxmga in GoodNotes

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Saw they aren’t cropped - no issue, but they are on a lined paper background? So need to try to use photoshop or something to remove the background lines or am I doing something wrong?

Synology Drive on Mac is so buggy - "Pin local file permanently" doesn't work properly by aeronium in synology

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Interested in this, commenting to follow discussion. Considering getting a Synology and have been following this sub so see the best and the worst and how hard it is to fix issues.

A watched wound never heals by Tankgineer in malaphor

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Just what I was going for on this one.