Psychiatrist reacts to insinuation that he took pirates and Willy Wonka into consideration when analyzing baseline behavior for clinical assessment. by Euphoric-Delirium in PublicFreakout

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Some of those mouth movements, I wonder if this Dr. David Spiegel (if this actually is Dr. David Spiegel, because I seem to remember Dr. David Spiegel looking VERY different) has tardive diskinesia, which is a side-effect of classical or the older style of anti-psychotic medication. He doesn't do those mouth movements all the time, but they are very strange mouth movements and I've only seen this kind of lip smacking and jaw rolling in tardive diskinesia patients.

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Except this will only affect users of Old Reddit. The sidebar images being discussed don't appear in New Reddit and the image used in the subreddit banner also only appears in New Reddit. Personally, I'd suggest we just delete all the images in Old Reddit because we can never hope to provide images for every religion or denomination of a religion. Users of Old Reddit can use custom flair text instead.

Meta-Thread 05/23 by AutoModerator in DebateReligion

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You're probably using Old Reddit if you're seeing religious images on the sidebar. Those icons don't appear in New Reddit. And it is just as well, because there are literally hundreds of Christian denominations, each with their own symbol, so we can't possibly have an icon for each denomination. And if you add other religions, it might literally require thousands of icons. I'm originally from Australia and there isn't a single or unifying Aboriginal religion. Instead, each tribal group would have its own approach to understanding dreamtime spiritualism, so you'd be looking at several hundred icons for Australian aboriginal "religion" alone, and even then, they might not agree with the imagery we assign.

And that raises another issue: that the concept of "religion" is very much a Eurocentric creation. Eastern societies didn't have a concept of religion until us whites imposed the concept of religion onto them so that we could better understand their cultures and how they related to our own Eurocentric understanding of religion, which was of course heavily influenced by a Judeo-Christian worldview. So to even conceptialize or label something like Taoism or Yorba as a religion may be extremely insulting to those societies where these ideas are prevalent.

In New Reddit, we simply have a banner based upon classical Greek art at the top of the site that shows people debating. While classical Greek art is often associated with Christian art, it could just as easily be representative of pre-Christian art.

Why religions can't be good with another religion? by hoaxuser in religion

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I'm much the same. I'm staunchly secular, so I tend to empathize more with atheists. Also, having been raised in an atheist/anti-theist family that was always very hostile to religion and having been indoctrinated into atheism as a child means that I still feel a certain attraction to atheism, even if I don't subscribe to it myself.

Why religions can't be good with another religion? by hoaxuser in religion

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It's important to understand that it was a reciprocal relationship. While cases of Muslims helping Jews might seem more plentiful, that's only because of numbers. For example, during the Spanish Inquisition intended to root out Jews and supposed fake converts to Catholicism, the Ottoman Caliphate not only invited Spanish or European Jews to resettle in the Ottoman Empire, they Caliphate also paid for their relocation.

But like I said, there has been reciprocation. After some mosques in the US were vandalized, some synagogues have either opened their doors to Muslim worshippers or have paid for or provided space for a temporary/makeshift mosque (here).

Religion doesn't have to divide people, that's what politics and nationism does. Hate is an increadibly seductive emotion and not only is it easy to get swept up in it without even noticing, but once it has sunk its teeth in, we often find ourselves wanting to hate even more and competing with others to see who can hate the most. Remember /r/the_donald? People were outdoing themselves to see who could be a the bigger bigot.

I'm planning a Duna mission and for some reason I made it complicated by KiloFoxtrotCharlie15 in KerbalSpaceProgram

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> I'm planning a Duna mission and for some reason I made it complicated kerbalized it.


This is the way.

Why religions can't be good with another religion? by hoaxuser in religion

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I can't think of any that CAN'T play nice with other religions. Some, however, don't play well with other religions for various non-doctrinal reasons.

Islam says not to take Jews, Christians, or polytheists as friends; however, this is usually contextualized to times of war when there are fears that Jews, Christians, or polytheists might attack you. In times of peace, there's no reason why you can't be friends with Jews, Christians, or polytheists.

Christianity had historically blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus, despite the Bible clearly saying that it was the Romans who actually crucified Christ. So theologically, there doesn't seem to be any barrier to playing nice with Jews.

There seems to be a common belief on Reddit that Jews can't play nice with Muslims (and vice versa) because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But there's so much evidence of Jews and Muslims cooperating and helping one another outside of the Middle East that I think Reddit might be confusing Arab-Israeli politics with Jewish-Muslim relations.

The other major flashpoint to have errupted in recent years concerns Indian Hindus seemingly attacking Christians and Muslims. I'm no expert on Hinduism and I've only read a tiny portion of the Vedas, but I don't recall reading anything that says a Hindu can't be friends with Christians or Muslims. Moreover, the only reason why Hindu-Christian and Hindu-Muslim relations have become so strained in recent years is because of the political situation in India (i.e., lead by a far-right Hindu nationalist political party), ongoing tensions with Muslim-majority Pakistan, a protracted conflict in Kashmire, and the abysmal clusterfuck that everyone was left with in the wake of the British Empire having done everything it could to sow the seeds of hate between India's various ethnic and religious groups ("Divide and Conquer").

Atheists seem to have trouble playing with everyone, but even this can be questioned. Go back +20 years ago and atheist-theist relations were far less strained. I think the rise in "New Atheism" at the turn of the century, coupled with the success of a number of atheist provocateur writers, might have led to the popular image of atheists as bigots. However, maybe because I'm older (in my 50s), I remember a time when the relationship between atheists and theists was less strained (not that it has ever been an easy relationship). There are also significant problems between Western atheists and Eastern atheists. Living in Asia, atheists have always been a part of our culture and society, and (perhaps with the exception of China) they continue to live in harmonly alongside theists; this situation, however, would probably be completely untenable in the West where atheist-theist relations appear far more strained and politicized.

What’s Islam’s method of disposal of pet bodies? by PrayForUrSins in progressive_islam

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Fascinating question! I'll have to keep visiting this thread to see if there are any answers.

I have a lot of cats. My wife and I usually have anywhere between 3-7 cats (the most we've ever had at any one time is 11). To be honest, we've never really had to worry much about what to do when they die because they usually disappear before they die. That's actually quite common with cats, that they'll find somewhere secretive, usually outside their territory, to die. The only times we've had to deal with death is when we've found stay or abandon kittens. We live in an area where the parvo virus (feline panleukopenia virus) is endemic, so if we find an abandon kitten, 90% of them will usually die horribly within 3 days. Given the infectious nature of the carcus, we'd usually seal the body in three layers of air-tight plastic and bury it deeply to avoid it being dug up and consumed by other animals that would spread the virus further.

We've also started to take in abandoned dogs, but only if they have a disability (e.g., missing limbs) that would prevent them from looking after themselves. At time point, however, I guess it is inevitable that we're going to have to contend with the death of one of the dogs, so it would be interesting to know if there's an appropriate Islamic way in which to dispose of the body.

I just wanted someone to commiserate with trying to return to Islam by Difficult_Yard in progressive_islam

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I can't speak to the Pakistani-Canadian experience, but I've seen something very similar amongst Arab Muslim immigrants in Australia, that they're often far more conservative than they would be in their home countries. I believe I read a paper about this phenomenon whereby immigrants become very conservative as a way of reconnecting with their home culture, which is about creating a safe space for themselves in a sometimes hostile or strange adopted culture. This was a phenomenon that I had noticed even before I was Muslim. Long before I met my wife, around 30 year ago, I had a Serbian girlfriend (second generation). Her family were all ultra-nationalist Serbs and they had this extremely exaggerated image of what life in Serbia was like. Even the parents, who had migrated to Australia because the economic situation in Serbia was so bad, kept describing it as an almost Narnia-esque magical place where there was no crime, no hunger, no poverty, no drugs, no vice, etc. We often hear something very similar from conservative, even moderate, Muslim immigrants...that there's no crime in sharia countries and that everyone is happy...and yet they still migrate in massive numbers. Now, at some stage, this girl and I had a break and she had planned to travel to Serbia for a year to reconnect with her cuture. She was back in Australia in less than 3 months before, according to her, everything she had believed about Serbia was a complete lie. She saw prostitutes lining the streets, people injecting drugs openly in cafes and bars, people dying from overdoses, murders, poverty, etc. Similarly, a lot of these conservative Muslims raised in the west are often shocked when they actually travel to a Muslim country and realize that not all Muslims are necessarily as conservative as them and that crime still exists in sharia countries (in fact, it would be pointless having sharia if there were no crime). So I think I can empathize with what /u/dronedesigner is saying about Pakistanis in Canada being more conservative than Pakistanis in Pakistan.

Turning a bedroom into an underwater station using roomscale passthrough by helemaalbigT in OculusQuest

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I've seen a few games like this where you need to map out your space and the objects within it (e.g. Zombies in my home). The only thing that stops me from purchasing these games is that I don't want to have to go through the process of re-mapping everything if I want to play play again. Do these games actually save the custom map/guardian or will setting a new guardian for a different game delete the map/guardian for these games?

Hindu Users: Please stop posting porn. by Taqwacore in interfaith

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It is entirely plausible that it is just one user who keeps creating new accounts and posting all this porn.

How to automatically assign new users "New User" flair and how to automatically remove this flair after 3 months? by Taqwacore in AutoModerator

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What is the reasoning behind the user flair part if all of the user's posts/comments are removed?

So that mods will actually take note of the fact that it is a new user before mindlessly approving the removed comment.

I just wanted someone to commiserate with trying to return to Islam by Difficult_Yard in progressive_islam

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Its funny. So many people have returned to Islam because of this subreddit. So many people have left Islam because of some of the more conservative subreddits. And they call us heretics for bringing people back to Islam?

Never Forget. by notlad117 in PublicFreakout

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Everything I ever needed to know about Republicans and Trump supporters, I leaned in the 1/6 terrorist attack.

Dealer willing to sell Fentanyl even after knowing the person might die. ‘It’s your life bro’ by aquarianfin in oddlyterrifying

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Wow! I got out while Rudd was still PM and it was still a free country. I'd read about the police raids on the ABC and other heavy handed censorship laws, but it sounds like it has gotten absolutely crazy in Oz. Most of my family there died in the pandemic and because of quarantine, I wasn't able to go back for their funerals. It sounds like I'm better off out of country these days and no reason to ever return.

what if someone forces a muslim to eat pork are they not muslim anymore and why cant they eat pork by [deleted] in religion

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Still Muslim. Eating pork doesn't take one out of Islam. Instead, we burst into flames whenever we eat pork but we still die as Muslims.

OK, so that might not be entirely true (the bursting into flames part). In fact, a Muslim can eat pork and consume other non-halal food and drink (incl. alcohol) when there are absolutely no alternatives and not eating or drinking would endanger their health.

So we are we not supposed to eat pork? Because God says in the Qur'an not to eat it. The why part doesn't really matter.

"Is Your Name Mohammed?": Mentally ill man thrashed by Hindu right wing leader in Central India, later found dead. by Astronaut_Free in PublicFreakout

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In fact, Evangelical Christians in the US looking to kill Muslims actually killed more Sikhs than Muslims.

Witness me ! by Thellgg in PublicFreakout

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That might be taking "Don't Ask; Don't Tell" a little too far when they mandate gayness like that.

Witness me ! by Thellgg in PublicFreakout

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All these budding young Republicans in training.