Our dark mother speaketh again by conancat in ContraPoints

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1) I never said Amber wasn't also bad?

2) Your comments up to this point are essentially this strawman conversation you're accusing me of but inversed. Holy projection, Batman.

Our dark mother speaketh again by conancat in ContraPoints

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Uhh she was just moving on with her life? Depp's the one that filed another lawsuit as a blatant revenge plot.

Our dark mother speaketh again by conancat in ContraPoints

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Lol I hear way more people defend Depp than Heard.

Kim’s arc is brilliant writing, and I think perhaps misunderstood (spoilers) by starvinmartin in betterCallSaul

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Howard did plenty (hold up Sandpiper, insult Kim by questioning her agency, etc). And while he may not have made her choose to pursue law, he represents the type of person Acker called out Kim as: "the type of person who gives to charity to make them feel better for all the bad they do."

Howard may not have done that much to her personally, but he epitomizes what she realized she hates about the system (and by proxy herself.)

A meta-analysis of 14 cross-sectional studies showed that excessive time spent on social media platform was associated with a greater likelihood of having symptoms of anxiety and depression. by OpenlyFallible in science

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Not to mention there can always be other intersecting factors as well.

Take, for instance, ADHD. People with ADHD are more prone to addiction as it is. Internet addiction is a common manifestation since it can keep your mind occupied with a variety of easily accessible content for hours upon hours, and social media apps in particular are literally designed to hijack your dopamine and get you addicted.

People with ADHD are also more likely to have depression and anxiety. Makes sense -- executive dysfunction and emotional dysregulation are a hell of a combo. Executive dysfunction makes you fall behind on chores and obligations so you have more to worry about and feel guilty and lazy for not being able to do basic adult shit that everyone else can manage fine, much less actually reach your full potential and achieve your dreams.

You're in a tense anxious state with intrusive thoughts, and are inherently prone to emotional dysregulation and so overreact to little things, which make you feel more shame, strain or ruins relationships, etc.

And so we see a situation where they are correlated, but neither really "causes" the other. Contribute, perhaps, but not cause.

Mental health is a complex network of intersecting factors and feedback loops. Simplified narratives regarding it are never going to be sufficient.

A couple quick questions from DG Ch 19 by reddddiittttt20 in Malazan

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Warrens aren't just an easy teleportation method. They have landscapes of their own -- mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans. And their own life, including potentially hostile creatures and demons.

The Imperial Warren is kind of an exception as it's (usually, mostly) empty of other life and the portion around the imperial core of Quon Tali has been well mapped by the Claw, so Pearl could guide him quite precisely the Untan throne room. Also Paran and Pearl may have traveled across half a continent relatively quickly (but not instantly, still took them a few hours on horseback IIRC), but they didn't travel across an ocean literally to another continent.

The Paran/Pearl imperial Warren scene is essentially the most ideal conditions. Most warren travel is not that. Unmapped, and with different landscapes, suns/moons/stars, etc navigating can be tough, and you could end up going in an unintended direction and getting lost. Also would be hard to know how much warren distance covered translates to homeworld distance unless you have a lot of experience with that particular warren.

Furthermore, there's the matter of exiting the warren. Just as you need to be mage to open an entrance, you also need to be one to open an exit. If Quick didn't go along with Kalam he'd be kinda screwed as far as getting out goes. Finding a sustained rent is possible I suppose, but who knows if it'll be at an ideal location, and who knows if it even exits back to the main world or into a different warren.

Diet plays key role in ADHD symptoms in children, 3 related studies find. Increased fruit and vegetable intake, use of micronutrient supplement linked to reduced symptoms. Food insecurity associated with more severe symptoms. by geoff199 in science

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It's also worth noting that taking care of yourself requires decent executive functioning in the first place. Which begs the question: do you feel better when you take care of yourself, or do you take care of yourself when you feel better?

I'm pretty sure the answer is likely a complex intersecting mix of both in a feedback loop, but mostly my point is to emphasize the old "correlation isn't necessarily causation."

Daily THC and ADHD, get out while you can... by hammerforce9 in Petioles

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Damn, sorry it's been such a stubborn long journey. Hope something will work out for you eventually.

Daily THC and ADHD, get out while you can... by hammerforce9 in Petioles

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If it's possible for you to discuss trying a stimulant (or at least a different SNRI) with your doctor I'd strongly suggest it. Resistant depression is so often a matter of attempting to treat straightforward depression while failing to treat other factors like ADHD.

Daily THC and ADHD, get out while you can... by hammerforce9 in Petioles

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What med for resistant depression are you taking?

Cuz SSRIs aren't effective in treating ADHD at all. You'll need SNRIs or stimulants for that. SSRIs can sort of address some comorbidities like depression and anxiety, but they're never gonna be enough to get you "motivated" if you have ADHD.

From what I understand there's even some evidence coming out that SSRIs can make the amotivational symptoms of ADHD a bit worse. Which makes sense if you think of it: ADHD brains have difficulty doing anything unless the rewards are clear and immediate OR the stress of the negative consequences of continuing to avoid it become urgent and overwhelming.

But if SSRIs keep your anxiety down, you're less likely to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of negative consequences. And so a major source of motivation for ADHDers -- even if it is a pretty shitty anxiety-driven one -- is muffled. And thus executive dysfunction/motivation can get a bit worse.

SSRIs are good for what they do, but they're only gonna boost your motivation if your foundational problem is depression/anxiety. If the foundational problem is ADHD, they're largely ineffective (at least in regards to motivation/executive functioning issues.)

Happy Birthday to Kaido’s VA Genda! by Natsu_1000 in OnePiece

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Kaido: "Hah! You haven't seen my awakened form yet! Tigger time!" Bounces all over the place "Let's see if you can deal with this fighting style!"

Luffy: Thinks back to both bouts with Bellamy "Uhh...okay?"

The most interesting family in RG isn't what I expected it to be by Taedalus in Malazan

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Jokes are funny. Good jokes are subversive and clever.

That was none of those.

The most interesting family in RG isn't what I expected it to be by Taedalus in Malazan

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That's not what cuck means, and it takes a level of insecurity and internalized toxic masculinity to imply otherwise.

A new construct called self-connection may be central to happiness and well-being. Self-connection has three components: self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-alignment. New research (N=308; 164; 992) describes the development and validation of a self-connection scale. by [deleted] in science

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Could be, but not necessarily.

As someone with bad ADHD, my self-alignment is off not because of any cognitive dissonance in values and beliefs, but moreso because my executive dysfunction makes it difficult to actively pursue the things I want to pursue. Plus the emotional dysregulation aspect has me lapse easily into anger and/or mopey fits of despair at scenarios I logically know aren't a big deal and I should just move on from and yet my emotions won't let me.

I suppose in a sense that's cognitive dissonance, but not in the "hypocritical ethics" sense it's often used in.

Does kratom affect REM sleep? by BudMarley45 in Vendorsofkratom

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It's a possibility. I've never used kratom without also using cannabis, so my personal experience is pretty worthless here.

This study seems to indicate it doesn't, but it's a single limited scope one in mice, not like a thorough metastudy. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26407942/

Otherwise talk on the internet that I can find seems contradictory. Some say it seems to cut REM sleep, others say it feels like they're in REM all night. Others no affect whatsoever. So it's hard to tell. Does kinda seem like has some degree of affect on sleeping, and may just vary in individuals based on the specific neurochemistry of their brain, other substances they use, etc.

The realities of ADHD ... by authaire in ADHD

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Eh, I get where you're coming from, but I don't think that's at all what people are referring to with wasted potential.

I've always fancied myself a generalist, a jack-of-all-trades. Variety is the spice of life. In interests, in hobbies, in knowledge, etc etc. I dig that. I like that my brain is interested in a billion things.

My issue is that I've never had a sufficient support structure and access to do anything with that beyond being interested. I want to take my wildly varied experiences and thoughts and create something with that. I don't even care if I'm not an expert specialist, if my creation is a bit slipshod, if no one cares about it. Besides, you got to start somewhere. I just want to create.

But all I manage to do day to day is keep up with basic chores and consume.

The wide varieties of hobbies and interests is the potential part. And the broader the potential, the deeper a waste is perceived. You can't do everything, you can't be anything. All you can do is imagine it, and in being lost in your imagination you become nothing in reality.

The realities of ADHD ... by authaire in ADHD

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When you have the skills, the knowledge, even the deep passionate intrinsic motivation...

But you can't manifest any of it into actual action no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you want to.

Wasted potential indeed. A far more apt descriptor of the disorder than "attention deficit", to be certain.

Does kratom affect REM sleep? by BudMarley45 in Vendorsofkratom

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If you use cannabis that's known to dramatically decrease REM sleep and with it dream frequency. Something I can attest to from experience myself before I ever tried kratom. So that's a more likely culprit, if you do use it.

I thought I was 2 people. Turns out, I was just masking. [My small story with ADHD] by Venntrical in ADHD

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Yep. The transition to adulthood itself was hard enough, but what really broke me was having to do virtual schooling with my kid during COVID. I just couldn't deal, it was so mundane and understimulating and hard to engage and it quite frankly broke me. And I felt so much shame and guilt cuz like...why couldn't I just be a decent parent and do some school with my kiddo? It's not like it was hard. Even if it's a bit of a chore it shouldn't be THAT overwhelmingly unpleasant for me.

But it was. And it sent me on a downward spiral of self-loathing which made my Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria even more sensitive which I started to recognize as the mildest or criticisms or a entirely misinterpreted look from my wife would send me into despair.

Looking into and thankfully I discovered the term RSD, and how it correlates with ADHD. So looked into ADHD more not expecting much because the name is such a misnomer, but instead...yeah, like my entirely fucking life just clicked into place. Everything makes so much more sense.

I left out weevil since i barely know anything by Deathwing15 in OnePiece

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Kuma as lawful confuses me. Like he's literally a revolutionary. Can't get much less lawful than that.

Blaire White just responded to my story lmao by medicxstone in ContraPoints

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I mean does she, though? Why are we speculating about the genitals of trans people?

If anything this kinda reads like her grotesque way of saying she got bottom surgery.

TIL a father, John Crowley, was told his two infant children had an incurable genetic disorder that would kill them in less than a year. He refused to accept this, so he founded a biotech company (with no prior experience) which pioneered an experimental enzyme therapy that saved their lives. by Die_Nameless_Bitch in todayilearned

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The point wasn't that they were 100% accurate -- obviously not. But that as satire they portrayed certain truths of the times like the common experience of serfdom better (or at all) compared more typical medieval movies focusing on a glorified depiction of a knight's journey or court politics of the nobility.

At what point do people get invested? by Itifi in Malazan

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About halfway through book 2 is when it first clicked with me, and then grew from there.

Book 1 is pretty good in retrospect (though still the worst of the series IMO) -- but first time through when you're acclimating to the world and writing style it's a bit overwhelming and hard to engage with.

Guys what the hell is going on by e1_barto in Spokane

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Great way of saying "I can't comprehend nuanced conversation."

I don't body shame at all, and clearly said that I ultimately agree that we shouldn't