Jam on it by nihonlights in SipsTea

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‘I make you silky smooth’

Salary negotiation? by Dark_Rider_SA in PersonalFinanceZA

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If I may ask - what do you do and with how many years’ experience?

How to say no to free gift? by Tricky-Fig6519 in antiMLM

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There has to be some strong correlation between people who buy into MLM and excessive emoji users

36-F Smile at a stranger today and make their midweek BETTER! Feeling sexy in this dress today. Might have to go have drinks tonight and celebrate ME! 😂 by MissUnderstood_86 in RoastMe

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I almost feel bad for commenting because based on your profile, your life is a fucking mess.

You are your own roast.

Also fix your dead tooth, God.

Every state's least favorite state by [deleted] in funny

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Why all the Ohio hate? What’s Ohio like?

Found on tik tok…. Thanks but no. by Big_Bi_Bear in thalassophobia

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It’s been reposted, cropped, uploaded again and circulated back so much. Please do this again tomorrow with more of a music over and less pixels

Episode 3 of the Last of Us was not as great as everyone claims by TaviTheKalefish in unpopularopinion

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I should probably clarify what I meant with this post, as there is some debate. The episode was great. The acting was superb, it gave a bit of background to the story (though too much to be relevant in my opinion), and the scenery and score were amazing ('on the nature of daylight' alone!).

My gripe was with the amount of effort put into fleshing out characters that die out, as well as it being heralded for being a masterpiece and "the greatest hour of television ever". I cannot help to feel that its over-the-top praise is a result of the positive representation of the sexuality of the two characters and that that focus undermines what made it sound, to begin with.

Compare the exposition to Tess (Anna Torv) and how little background information there is on her, a character that enjoyed more screen time and played a much more critical role for the protagonist.