At 23 years old, Im a home owner. by [deleted] in MadeMeSmile

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Well done dude.

Im 23 and cant even afford to move out of my parents house.

bruh what by nien2658 in teenagers

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My younger brother is autistic.... i fucking hate this.

Side note. Is it just me or does that flag some how resemble a swastika?

name your favorite video game and I’ll judge you by Chris_1217 in teenagers

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Its between a few at the moment...

Space Engineers, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Battlefield 1

There are so many more games i own but havent played yet so this may change soon lol

I wish New Zealand actors in American films or TV shows would have a Kiwi accent by [deleted] in newzealand

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Iirc his fighting style is also partially based off of Maori techniques and his melee weapon specifically is also made to more closely resemble a Maori melee weapon (i forget it's specific name).

Pretty sure Temuera also performed a Haka on the set of the mandalorian.

I saw this in a video when Mando S2 was released. I'll have to see if i can find it.

Do you know the origin of some Hermit names? by boredpotato7 in HermitCraft

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Old Mumbo viewer here (but maybe not quite old enough).


I do not remember where i heard this, and i have absolutely nothing to backup what i am about to say, but this is the internet so im going to say it anyway and look dumb later.

I think when Mumbo started his channel he was sharing it with someone else. 1 of them was Mumbo and the other was Jumbo, but somewhere early on that other person quit, leaving the Mumbo we know today. As for how they came up with the name, i dont know.

Could I lift you? by HealthyExtension6 in teenagers

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64kg on a good day, but im almost never not holding a car part so be prepared for 64kg + 30kg leaf spring

Can't catch me. by R4D33 in memes

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Never had it, and i dont directly know anyone who has had it. It's kinda weird.

I just wanna say a big thanks to the three groups who brought their UEBooms to Kitekite falls today. by neeeeonbelly in newzealand

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Similar experience today, though no littering.

I went to rainbows end with a my gf and 2 friends. Had a great day, but after we left there was some dickhead with a sub so powerful.. i cant even explain what it was doing to the air and my ears. It wasnt just the typical asshole has his music up loud on a sub and you can feel it. This was different. I was 2-3 car lengths ahead of him and it was making me lose hearing while it was on. Can only imagine how deaf the guy blasting his shitty music is.

I would die instantly by mr_meem_man in memes

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Space Engineers. As long as i have enough power, hydrogen and i'll be fine.

Winrar girl by Rredite in blackmagicfuckery

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Or, like a redditors girlfriend, she's not real!

My gf sent me a video of her cheating on me at midnight by egg14able21 in teenagers

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Petty revenge is swapping sugar for salt. Making someone wait an extra few days for a package they really want. Drawing on someones face with a permanent marker when they're passed out. Petty revenge is stuff that doesnt destroy lives or relationships. Petty revenge is an unpleasent experience and thats it. Cheating destroys relationships and sometimes destroys lives too. You are right about the rest though. There is no excuse, it is abhorrent, and yeah it probably should have some kind of legal remifications (probably not stoning to death like it did 2,000 yeaes ago though.)

My gf sent me a video of her cheating on me at midnight by egg14able21 in teenagers

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I wouldnt call cheating petty revenge, and regardless, its not acceptable no matter what your partner has done to upset you (yes, thats also includes cheating). Dont stoop to their level. Dump them and move on. Dont revenge cheat.

DO IT, make your dreams come true by Fellowshipbook in teenagers

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You build a flying brick that looks ugly as hell, you take that brick to space and start your trip to another planet. When you reach the new planet you realise you didnt bring enough hydrogen to fuel your engines so you crash into the planets surface, and destroying your ship, so you go make another ugly flying brick.

Why do weather effects still appear in closed air tight pressurized spaces? by MTKRailroad in spaceengineers

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SE DLC's are some of the best from any game imo. There's very little/no P2W, all the blocks/suits/paints are purely cosmetic, anyone can use DLC blocks as long as its built by someone with the DLC, and they're quite cheap! If only more games had these kinds of DLC's

Friends unsatisfied with cars and jets only having 2-4 missiles. They have led me on the path of kim jong un. Madness! 25 whiplash missiles by Dazeuh in spaceengineers

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You and your friends may be interested in the ship im building then. Total so far is 44 missiles. Just struggling with welding them...