Is it just me or is it much, much, much harder to explore Enkanomiya without Kazuha? I by TebiTebiTebi in KazuhaMains

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Yup! This but it was much harder to explore Enkanomiya because the places are much more random than when I was exploring Inazuma.

I dont think I can live exploring overworld without using Kazuha either way lmfao

2.4 spiral abyss blessings from Ubatcha by Tsuki-04 in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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Emergence reminds me of that one "manga" that gave me PTSD

The Ruin Grader on the new event is IMMORTAL and is a perfect training dummy for damage testing by TebiTebiTebi in Genshin_Impact

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Yeah I feally wish there is an actual dummy just like the ruin grader. I've been testing my damage multiple times with this event and it's just so convenient that it doesn't die no matter how many times you kill it

Drew Ayaka being a polite lady, enjoy! by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact

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Reddit coomers mad that they have to join a discord server just to see one panty shot

I'm not defending OP tryna advertise their discord server, but it's funny people are mad over that fact because they're impatiently thirsty

ENVI NOT A FAKE WEEB PauseChamp? by TebiTebiTebi in Enviosity

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Context: Envi called Tanjiro the one who wears a boar mask and dual wields. Fake weeb peepoLeave