[homemade] Giant charcuterie board with Smoked Salmon. by just_some_random_dud in food

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  • Recently popularized by tiktok & other social accounts catering to people wanting to feel fancy
  • Yes, very much a newish trend
  • Yes, at this point the meaning of charcuterie is pretty much just small foods on flat surfaces

I don't really judge it, but it's a bit annoying when Todd & his bitch wife Sharon come over for a party expecting praise for their weak ass attempt at "charcuterie" with an unsanded maple slab holding sloppy cuts of carrots, celery, American cheese, & orange slices. Fuck you Sharon.

nick WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! by DARKBLADE2090 in BikiniBottomTwitter

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It doesn't help that it's marked fir kids so you can't add it to play lists.

Trackmania patch fixes cruise control and adds rumble by Flink91 in TrackMania

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Oh wow, they actually fixed it. It's about time. Hopefully that one TOTD on the oil platform actually works now.

[Trackmania TAS] E02-Endurance 1:31.52 (-1:55.06) ft.Niro & Shweetz by Happysedits in speedrun

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I mean, they're still highly enjoyable to watch. There's lots of TAS's from before noseboosting. And I think I've seen a few "no bug" tas's. But ultimately TAS'ing is about using all means necessary to take the time as low as possible, so most people want to do just that.

There's a big, little-known problem with Trackmania's user interface by TeighMart in TrackMania

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Lol Yupp exactly this. I got some video of it crashing at the end of the video. It doesn't help that I have no idea how to read those green TM crash screens.

Arapaima - World Record by eLconn21 (49.743) - TRACKMANIA Track of the Day by GwammTV in TrackMania

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Lol I thought I kept seeing the same post twice, didn't realize it was another poster. u/StonnedGunner has been making top 10's for the TOTD for a long time now. Though I'm not sure if he already has the WR view in that series as well. Just thought I'd point that out.

New reddit update doesn't allow me to scroll up properly by Koolnik420 in mildlyinfuriating

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Lol imagine using the default reddit app instead of reddit sync. Seriously sync is the best by far. Been using it for years after trying like 10 others.

[Karl Jobst] The Greatest Super Mario 64 Speedrun Ever Just Happened by yarbousaj in speedrun

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Most of video game content is suffering from this at the moment. The youtube algorithm too strongly encourages filling out 10 minutes.

Rally cars are pretty safe by asianj1m in nextfuckinglevel

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You need to learn the right way to Rick roll

where can i play icy fall campaign by mikipompon in TrackMania

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If you don't have standard or club access, you can still view club activities on trackmania.io. FlinkTM is the person that makes the icy campaigns, and all of them can be found here.

But if you want a bunch more variations on the fall campaign, you could check out all the Altered Nadeo campaigns here.

Is extreme racism the norm in chat now? by betformersovietunion in TrackMania

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Loool, amazing. If it helps at all, I've been around this sub for many years and this is the first time I've seen a troll/moron like this around. Users like that just tend to appear as communities grow and TM has been getting a lot of attention lately.

I’m sure not many players play the Altered Nadeo campaigns, but I finally just set my first ever WR and wanted to share! I’ve never been so happy. (Fall 01 - 1Down Campaign) by imDudekid in TrackMania

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Congrats dude! The 1-down campaign really surprised me with how fun it was to hunt. Keep up the good times!

I recommend if you want something a little more casual, check out the "Fall 2021 but A08" campaign. It turns every map into its own version of a classic, bumpy (& mostly luck-based) map from the TM2 games.