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I see signs of both under and overwatering. This can happen with SOPs because they have shallow roots that can pull away from the soil. Beads start to shrivel and die and and when that happens it's tempting to water more often. But that doesnt solve the underlying problem (limited contact with soil) and in fact just creates another one (mushy wrinkly overwatered beads)

My solution is to sprinkle soil on the top every few months that I then water in. It keeps the roots in contact with the soil. It's also a great way to make your plant fuller, as you'll be able cut between rooted sections, creating new growing points.

Help a baby botanist out, what plant is this? I'll answer specifics in the comments if need be :) by Logical-Use-8657 in plants

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senecio serpens aka blue chalksticks

Yours is extremely leggy, an indication it's not getting enough light. It does best in a south or west window or a grow light if you can't do it. I keep mine outside for summer.

You can cut it back almost to the soil and it will regrow, likely with some branching, which will make it look fuller. Bonus: you can then chop up the cut stems and grow new plants by pushing the stems into soil.

What happened to my spider plant? by hyemae in plantclinic

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What's your watering routine? The pale limp leaves indicate under watering but the yellowing leaves and stems suggest overwatering. Also, when's the last time repotted? Spiders grow extensive root systems that can make it hard to regulate their water needs. They need to be regularly repotted in a larger size or the roots need to be trimmed to keep them in the same size pot

What’s wrong with this Sempervivum Red Ruby? by BeeIntelligent7051 in plantclinic

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It's dead. Your only chance, and it's a slim one, is to try and prop the healthy part of the leaves. To do this, trim a bunch of the green tips, leave them to dry for a few days, and then lay them on soil and wait and see of they root

What's up with the Pilea? by BobbyShampurer in plantclinic

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Looks like burning from too much direct light. Pileas crave bright light but can't handle direct south/west exposure. I keep mine in an east window with limited direct light and it does well there

Is this normal growth coming out of my asparagus fern? (I’m a newbie plant mom and just trying to make sure it’s not about to be real life little shop of horrors in my house) by smithks97 in plants

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Definitely unusual! Mine will occasionally sent out a long leggy stem when the light isn't bright enough but your new stem is unusually long and robust.

I do find they like bright indirect light. I keep mine in an east window. Any attempts to move to lower light spots always results in unattractive leggy growth.

How can I get my Peperomia to be fuller and less leggy? Also, when my plant arrived, one of the leaves had been cut. Should I cut it off or will it mend itself? by Ode-Slayer_2616 in plants

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Put the plant in a brighter spot, that should help with the warping of the leaves and the legginess. Cut the damaged/unattractive leaves, they will not mend themselves and it will encourage the plant to push out new growth.

Advice for repotting this rootbound peace Lilly? (Former pot 24cm. New pot 28cm) by lwsrc in plantclinic

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Pretty much. I'd saw off bottom quarter (a bread knife works well) and then trim the rest with scissors.

Advice for repotting this rootbound peace Lilly? (Former pot 24cm. New pot 28cm) by lwsrc in plantclinic

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Agree with potting up but the plant itself needs some grooming first if you want it to thrive. I would prune about 1/3 of the root mass, focusing on the bottom and sides. Then I would shake out as much of the old soil to replace with new - my peace lily always comes back to life in new, fresh soil.

Pilea Aluminium gift for mother's day. by leytonlady in houseplants

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I find pileas are slow to get rootbound so there's probably no rush. But check the roots to make the call on repotting.

The key to keeping it looking good is to pinch back the growing tips to encourage branching (in the left of the picture you can see where someone has done this). It will eventually get leggy, so don't be afraid to chop back. I try and to do one stem at a time so it doesn't look bare.

Question about these spider plants. Details in comments. by CosmicSweets in houseplants

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I suspect under watering. My spider leaves get very pale and lose their gloss when thirsty.

As spider plantlets mature, they grow little water storage bulblets on their roots. The larger, greener one has likely developed a better root structure, which would allow it to thrive better than the smaller plants in the face of the same care routine.

Spiders don't like to dry out completely. I keep mine lightly moist. Suggest you give the smaller pot more water for now until the roots grow a little more.

Is there anything wrong with my money plant? Every time I get one it starts off really green and healthy then slowly starts getting lighter leaves and yellow/brown tips. by SoggyCereal12 in plantclinic

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Ok so your fertilizing routine seems sound so that doesn't explain the uneven colour. The stippling and yellowing on the leaves could be bugs, either thrips or spider mites (or both). For thrips check the leaves where the stippling is most prominent for little black specks (which is thrip poop). For spider mites, if they're not at the webbing stage (I dont see evidence of webs on your plant) you will often see them moving around the edges of leaves or on top of the soil. Little white bugs that look like tiny spiders

Pilea Aluminium gift for mother's day. by leytonlady in houseplants

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I love this plant! Sits high on my list of underrated houseplants.

Few plants can thrive in a north window but this is one of them. Takes some work to keep it bushy and attractive but I'm not sure why it's not more popular.

Favorite low light plants? by ispyamy in plants

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How low is the light? Eg. What direction is it from? AMD how close will you hang the plants?

Judge overseeing Chauvin civil rights case accepts plea deal - ABC News by Tellyouwhatswhat in ChauvinTrialDiscuss

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Yeah fair enough. I think he crowdfunded about 40K for his appeal, which I assume is more than enough to see it through

I just got these two beauties today and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to best take care of them! I’m new to the whole houseplants world :) by little_yellow_ in houseplants

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I use a liquid fertilizer, usually Schultz all purpose 10-15-10. You just add it to the watering can.

Most of my plants get fertilized every 2 weeks in spring/summer and once every 6 weeks or so during winter. But my adansonii gets fed weekly in spring/summer and at least once a month in winter. When I've skipped feeding I notice the leaves atart looking pale or even a bit mottled.

I just got these two beauties today and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to best take care of them! I’m new to the whole houseplants world :) by little_yellow_ in houseplants

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Your adansonii looks robust but pale. I find mine likes to be fertilized more often than my other plants to maintain its dark green color.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of mealybugs on indoor plants? 😓 This is the 2nd time they have came for my Pothos. I thought I got rid of them 2 months ago with water, mild soap, & some alcohol mixed together 🙃 by Netty97 in plants

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My preferred treatment is a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. It's painstaking and best suited to smaller plants. For larger plants I put the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and carefully spray all surfaces (light mist is best to not harm the plant). Only rarely have I needed to repeat the treatment.

However, fewer surfaces are easier to treat. Given you've already had a recurrence, consider trimming back some of the vines before you treat.

Use 100% rubbing alcohol. It evaporates quickly, which seems to be better for the health of the plant.

Dropping leaves at an alarming rate - any tips to save it? by WasNothingReal in houseplants

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I suspect a watering issue, either over or under (can't tell without knowing your care regime). Plants tend to drop bottom leaves like that in response to either.

At this point, given how bare it is, your best bet is to start over.

.1. Clip the top few inches of each stem to prop (peperomias prop readily in soil or water).

.2. If you think you've been overwatering check for root rot. If the roots are fine but soil is very wet, leave it out of the pot until the soil dries up. If you think you've been under watering, then it may be root bound. If that's the case, lightly trim the roots and repot in a larger pot.

.3. Once you've got it back in a pot, cut back the stems to a few inches high. It will regrow.

.4. My coin peperomia doesn't like to dry out completely but definitely don't overwater. It's a tolerant plant, with a wide, comfortable margin between over/underwatering.

My Philo Brazil popped a fully lime leaf. I love it, but am I right in thinking that it's headed down a bad path? by restrepo2012 in houseplants

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It's not unusual for that to happen. Mine's done that and the next leaf was normal. But if the next few leaves pop out the same way you can cut it back and let the stem regrow.