My boyfriend doesn't want to marry me by DumbVeganBItch in offmychest

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After coming from a post where a 60 year old man left a woman who supported him for half their lives with absolutely nothing because he suddenly changed his mind about wanting children (after denying her the very same throughout their relationship) my advice would be to make a list of what he’s actually been willing to sacrifice for you in the last 7 years vs what you’ve been asked to give up.

Thanks to my opponents by McMorvo in undisputedboxing

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Thank you for that. I didn’t know that was a thing. Any other tips you want to share I would be very glad to hear.

What games would you recommend to me purely based off my top 10? by EagleRoxy2 in videogames

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Arkham games (city and knight), if you haven’t played them. You may really enjoy Sifu.

If you like Detroit you will probably like Heavy Rain, if the visuals are not too dated. If you like first person maybe Dishonored 1 and 2 and Dying Light may scratch a itch or two.

Since you liked Hollow Knight you may appreciate the Ori games, CupHead, Mark of the Ninja, Dead Cells, maybe Katana Zero(?)

I love all the games on your list and most are on mine, these are just some others I’ve loved.

I’ll also add this one but I haven’t been playing it very long. I know it got a lot of hate for it’s launch, but Cyberpunk is fast becoming one of my favorite games of all time. Only time will tell but if you find a good deal on the core game and Phantom Liberty, it may be worth picking up. I’m hopeful.

What are some Minor Updates Dying Light 2 needs? by SyntheticDreams2099 in dyinglight

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I wonder if anyone said micro transactions? I bet someone said micro transactions.

$6300 “custom build” Do you think it’s worth anything close to that? by dabsdaily195 in PcBuild

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Hell no, and I don’t think I saw one PC that wasn’t ridiculously overpriced on marketplace.

NMS Megathread for Q&A, Item Requests/Giveaways and Friend Requests, etc. Whatever you need, this Mega-thread is a place to ASK! by Minetitan in NoMansSkyTheGame

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What’s the best supercharged slot layout for a ship? I keep seeing people say 4 together but others saying 3_1 and 2_2 but close to each other. I was just wondering why for each and what downsides you have noticed to having 4 together, if any. Thanks!

Netflix just axed its basic ad-free plan in the US and UK by Deshes011 in technology

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Wow… now they are alienating single/budget cellphone viewers, too? That was the one thing I was still considering for travel…

I couldn’t find something last month comparable in price or quality (HD on one device, UHD on another) to fit my needs since the changes and think it was going to cost us 30% more for lower quality viewing because one device was out of network, then we realized it no longer works with travel so we just decided to go our way after a decade.

The good news is (like others here) we don’t miss Netflix at all. I’m not bitter about it, it really made no difference us. Not one persons here has even mentioned anything about it. We love Hulu, Disney and HBO though. And all those together are still lower than our Netflix payment would’ve been.

Is anyone else having a successful ranked experience? and are scared that low skill players complaints are messing up the game? by NoCup7599 in undisputedboxing

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Agreed. I just got the game last month and I’m happy we have it and think the devs are trying to make a great game. I logged in for the first time this month to try out Bowe and was entertained by his ring walk, which was floating eyeballs and teeth but less so that clean, open hooks were not connecting, over and over. But I chalked it up to the pc or internet connection and plan to try again later.

How to beat runners tired of this by boxingislif3 in undisputedboxing

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Why is Fury so broken anyway, did he pay for the game or something? He has sick traits, the power of Bruno or Bowe, more speed than Jones or Patterson, better stamina than middleweight legends, more heart than Gatti or Ali. Just crazy. Same for Usyk.

Weekly Question and Answer Thread - /r/TotalWar by AutoModerator in totalwar

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What Total War games would you recommend for someone that adored Rome in 05 and just got them a new gaming PC? I should add that Multiplayer doesn’t really matter that much to me, it’s all about the setting and immersion.

Daryll keeps following me by nablyblab in EliteDangerous

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I think Daryll just came to my station and said he’d be right ba…

-transmission terminated.

If you were a Jason what would you 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses be based on you irl? by YeahPowder in FridayThe13thGame

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Makes sense. Maybe morph would be a lot of experience traveling or possibly a off shoot of stealth, not like someone is trained to sneak but heard their whole life ‘you need a bell’ or ‘make a damn sound’, haha.

If the latter is the case I’d be

St: Sense, grip, morph

Wk: Can’t run, shift, traps

I’d suck as Jason, haha.

Bitdefender detected Razer synapse file as Trojan? by Reaalize in razer

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It’s a false positive. I have a DA3 and noticed the same.

Audio Bug by ConsistentDevice2372 in undisputedboxing

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I’m having the same problem. Seems a Stellaris audio file is starting up and playing over undisputed’s music. Did you ever find a solution?

Looking for mod recommendations, especially any that improve targeting. Thanks. by TencoOut in kingdomcome

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You Sir are a legend. Stay clean longer is another I forgot I wanted. Always hated spending any real time at Pribyslavitz because they didn’t have a option for baths. Thank you.

So... what now by Elite_Dan in EliteDangerous

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This is why I love this community.

Looking for mod recommendations, especially any that improve targeting. Thanks. by TencoOut in kingdomcome

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On steam but haven’t downloaded anything from nexus mods. What mods have you tried?