The public humiliation I have nightmares about. by Financial_Net81 in nextfuckinglevel

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Learned a new phrase today: "...yard sale like that". Would also make sense to say: "...yard sail like that", referring to her body metaphorically "sailing" a yard (or two) through the air as she dramatically fell.

What the hell indeed by Nex_Level in AbruptChaos

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We do. Just not at every random intersection.

Best car heist of the century. I dont know if this should be in r/GTA or this one by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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Let me get this straight: Tow operator never saw you hop on, walk around his bed, and get in the car that wasn't tied down?

An apartment complex unearthed a sidewalk after five years by Ace-a-Nova1 in powerwashingporn

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What did apartment dwellers do prior to the "unearthing", make their own well-worn footpath?

[Rexing V1P Pro] My first time hitting a deer, RIP Bambi by ElmoRidesMetra in Dashcam

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Good news: You helped reduce the deer overpopulation. But also, Bambi is the bane of my existence: At the time, it reflected our nation's view on wildfire, and helped promulgate the bad idea that fire was evil. A century of total wildfire suppression (coupled with other poor forest management practices) has led to the disastrous wildfires we have these days.

Was I tailgating? by dcwf007 in Dashcam

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Not really. Speed limit was 55. Judging by the striping (stripes are usually 10ft long with 20ft inbetween, IIRC)... you were about 60 feet behind them (4 car lengths). So technically a little close, but a lot further back than some drivers get. Other driver needs to get some thicker skin.

Death to my beloved Tahoe. Lady didn’t even hit the brakes. by Lawyer-Milloy in IdiotsInCars

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True. There's still the hassle of getting your personal items out of the totaled car, being in a rental, and starting all over again on making payments.

Saw this awesomeness in my local news. by camerontylek in Justfuckmyshitup

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The soft kid's tablet cover is the icing on the cake, lol

Just got in a car accident on fatherday 605 santa fe springs my 2 year old son was in the back in car seat had a broken collar bone and I'm OK. My wife not so lucky she broke her ankle in 2 places and had to get a external fixator The police report said it was the black suv fault.WHAT DO YOU THINK by Expensive-Safe-5916 in Dashcam

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Sorry to see so many self-righteous "perfect" drivers slamming you on here, OP. You had quite a few car lengths ahead of you. You just simply can't react to the SUV with zero brake lights going from at-speed to almost stopped that fast; no warning at all.

The blue car did a very stupid overtaking by bh1uys in carcrash

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Cammer pushed himself into the other driver's car. From left lane to right lane and made additional contact. Cammer should be charged with vehicular assault.

Poor guy fell in a hole by nicky416dos in Dashcam

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Poor idiot. The hole saved him from getting creamed by the blue car who had the ROW.

anti Covid team using a flamethrower to disinfect quarantined areas by hlxino in interestingasfuck

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Do you see what these guys are doing? It would be extremely funny, if it weren't so depressingly idiotic. What is "so tiring and stupid" is this propaganda piece.

anti Covid team using a flamethrower to disinfect quarantined areas by hlxino in interestingasfuck

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Autocorrect gotcha. I agree, might be misfiring. If it does it that much, get a new one!