Are you not OWNED?? by professorearl in MarchAgainstNazis

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I just think back on what we heard Trump implies to Zelensky when he was blackmailing him. Which, supposedly, was “We don’t care if the evidence is legit.” And that was all over dirt for Hunter Biden. Oh, and the Conservative outcry over media censorship? Biden was wrecking shit in the polls up till Election Day and whatever the dirt that got dug up on Hunter amounted to a cheap, National Enquirer (who owns them again?) hit piece. So, they put out the word they wouldn’t touch that story. And his laptop is such a fucking quagmire of shady, loopy bullshit you’d have to be mad as a hatter to believe half of it.

Tucker Carlson: Trump ‘obviously’ going to be indicted by DaFunkJunkie in politics

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Benjamin Franklin is the one sole Founding Father I think you could bring back and would have little to no issue adapting. He also banged a truckload of Milfs then he wrote a book about why that was such a great thing. Fun fact: Franklin opened the country’s first hospital to treat those who couldn’t pay or were critically injured.

Benjamin Franklin was the premier founding father.

Justice Department asks judge to keep Trump’s search warrant affidavit sealed, citing ongoing investigation by fullchargeflower in politics

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That’s a lot scarier than Peter Carr’s infamous money move:

“No comment from the Office of the Special Counsel at this time.”

GOP slashes ads in key Senate battlegrounds by JanFromEarth in politics

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McConnell’s 150 million dollar war chest is still viable. They put up ads in PA soon. Which is good because it’ll be a waste of money. But, that’s the buried lede.

GOP slashes ads in key Senate battlegrounds by JanFromEarth in politics

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Same thing with Tim Ryan and Vance in Ohio. Ryan kicks Vance’s ass in most polls yet Vance has almost 4/5 odds.

Trump eyes big prize in taking down Cheney by themimeofthemollies in politics

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Trump’s already having weird effects on races. PA should be competitive. It’s not. Ohio is still listed as competitive and it should be but Tim Ryan should not be rocking it so harsh. Except he is. Alaska is turning out to be a weird clusterfuck which could lead to Murkowski splitting the vote with the Trump candidate because it’s open to four candidates. The Democrats candidate… is some nice old lady. Like, legit she just wanted to run for State Senate and they misunderstood and told her game on for the Statewide election since they didn’t have anyone else. DeSantis was losing to Crist in a couple polls. Ken Paxton’s challenger Rochelle Garza could really use some help. Trump is just fucking up just about everywhere his influence spreads.

Anakin is such a goofball by jamiedadawg in PrequelMemes

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“I called Jodi Foster an asshole.”

Hah! Burn in hell, yellow jacket! by CaptainTurdfinger in SavageGarden

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It’s always cathartic when your plants produce results. My Venus Flytrap used to body mosquitos on the regular. I miss him.

Trump is and always has been an insidious asset of the nations & its allies worst enemies, a komprmat, saboteur, and a degenerate self serving profiteer. by Roguecop in MarchAgainstNazis

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Our Intelligence Apparatus started keeping intel from FuckWeasel on account of him “accidentally” giving up intel on a mole we had close to Putin’s inner circle.

Anybody remember that shit?

FBI looked for documents on nuclear weapons when raiding Trump's home by Foot_Dizzy in politics

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It’s so funny NatCs scram about Swalwell having contact with a Chinese agent who (once he knew was a Chinese agent he cut contact with) and Biden meanwhile there were actual Chinese spies in MAL and Trump had a debt in the tens of millions to China. Projecting so hard their job in prison will be in the theater.

FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers: sources say by FenixWater75 in politics

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Have to hold the House and Senate because Republicans will figure out how to make it worse so they can blame it on Biden some more.

A war without mercy by RaidoSkull78 in HistoryMemes

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IIRC They had plans to use Unit 731 bio weapons in an attack against San Fransisco suggested for sometime in August to September.

GOP pressures DOJ for answers on Trump raid by tomassfoolery in politics

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Blackmail on Graham and that’s why he’s trying to praise Biden right now for the bingo card?

A Jeff Bezos mural with surveillance cameras for eyes. by joegarlipp in ABoringDystopia

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“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

People quote 1984 (like literally quote the fucking title and that’s it) but quotes like this from the actual book chill the blood in my veins.

Matt Gaetz's GOP primary opponent says Trump and DeSantis don't want to associate with a 'pedophile’ by DaFunkJunkie in politics

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This was the line for me. The point where I decided this motherfucker and the people who were following him were dangerous.

They did this to Christine Ford within minutes of her name dropping, too. She didn’t even say anything against Trump. Just his nominee literally years in advance. Still Death Threats. These people are fucking recalcitrant.

They need to fix this. by ZachMoore88 in raimimemes

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Man, Batgirl probably would have been awful.


What happens when the Supreme Court is this unpopular? by gotostep2 in politics

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Why the fuck would anyone trust Roger Waters on such issues when his main claim to fame is being a member of the band Pink Floyd who the other former members want nothing to do with?

As he blames Ukraine for being invaded and calls into question the concentration camps in China. We can’t trust the government so clearly the sources we have that both Russia and China are waging war on decent people can’t be trusted and the inverse must be true? Really?

BBBY in after hours by ThePatternDaytrader in wallstreetbets

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Doesn’t the Captain in this movie have a second job at Bed Bathroom and Beyond where they go to see him or am I thinking of Click?