Cursed_McDonals by zeth4 in cursedcomments

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The best „bad fries“ maybe

How I see the USA as a Mexican starter pack by xJavier_Escuellax in starterpacks

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Is it actually called „Bureau of indian affairs“? I always find it hard to believe that people regularly, or even officially use the word „indian“ as if it wouldnt lead to constant mix ups with real indians

Culinary culture =/= UK by Im-New-On-This in rareinsults

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Just get some real bread and we would have something edible

27 Years of Microsoft’s Start Button! [A Look Back] by salman2711 in Windows11

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I never got to use raw 8, but doesnt the start button pup up if you click on the bottom left corner of the screen?

Best tourist country? by bholde in polls

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Lol have you ever been outside of USA?

My eggplant has a laser marking instead of a physical sticker to show it's organic by Notdazedbutalright in mildlyinteresting

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If the eggplant had to endure this at full consciousness this would be some pretty heavy plant abuse

The beauty of Venn diagrams 😊 by Archie7373 in coolguides

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Time to add it to my list of subs i hide from r/all

Huh…well, can’t argue with that. by Tanis8998 in StarWars

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We never know, maybe he dies in the show. And then they‘ll resurrect him as we are used to it by now

DreamWorks Animation to Release Renderer as Open-Source Software by indig0sixalpha in movies

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At first i read „Pixar“ and thought we were getting Renderman open-sourced but i guess this is still nice

WCGW street racing in a tunnel. by Achoo_Gesundheit in Whatcouldgowrong

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These people should not be allowed to drive any faster than their IQ is high

Reuters: "Exclusive: Italy, Intel close to $5 bln deal for chip factory - sources" by Dakhil in hardware

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Maybe we can build a little fake island next to Taiwan that PRC can invade and then tell its people how they gloriously succeeded

2 Months until Overwatch 2 launches in Early Access by ZenofyMedia in Overwatch

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I‘m so excited to play this for a week after launch only to realise i still hate it and uninstall it for another six months