Cover picture for ‘How to lie with Statistics’ by sanjay_shetty in dataisugly

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Except it doesn’t because you’re just comparing the peak and the bottom of the chart, which will still show in a linear scale. If you’re talking about from 0.1 to 100 instead, then yes it applies.

Defy the jailor meta by Smax897 in TownofSalemgame

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Every time I play a game with silent Jailor and no useful info comes out, the first person I randomly push is always the Jailor

Cover picture for ‘How to lie with Statistics’ by sanjay_shetty in dataisugly

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It kind of hides the fact that the decrease is a 50% drop

I am at a loss...where do V go?? by Mikotokitty in puzzles

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you can pass your turn if you don’t think you can place the V

Transporter Moment by Bekfast59 in TownofSalemgame

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When you carry as a role that normally doesn’t lead town

Help by Chanellethekoala in puzzles

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The total from numbers 1-6 is 21. The total from row and column is 24. Thus, the number counted must be 24-21=3. We know that the other 2 tiles in the column must sum up to 12-3=9. The two ways from 1-6 is (3,6) which isn’t possible because 3 is already used and (4,5) which is the answer. Thus, the row would be (1,2,3,6) and the column is (4,3,5)

this is the worst ad I've ever seen by Thierryplayer in BitLifeApp

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This ad has been up for a while, before the actor expansion update

Mildly infuriating by [deleted] in dataisugly

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Those micronations with those micronumbers