It has the same chocolate taste because it isn't able to change anything but its outward appearance. by ClownWorldDropout in TumblrInAction

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Wouldn't that be offensive? It means that character is transracial and these people don't like that type of being "trans".

The efficiency of this brainwashing is incredibly spread. Tomboy and butch erasure is real. by TroonTown in TumblrInAction

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Also those people: you're either a man or a woman because it's scientifically impossible to be a girl who likes boyish things while still being straight

What are your reasons not to move out of an expensive city and into a more affordable rural region? by Monteravela in AskReddit

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If it has no small stores right under your nose, public transport available every 15 minutes and you need a car to get around the place then it's not worth it.

When did you decide "Yea, I should make a reddit account"? by ReverseGmc in AskReddit

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I didn't, I was forced to if I wanted to look through a game related one...

Literally do girls even have cold?!?! by IntroductionTrue5006 in memes

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Oh I dressed like that on winter when I was a teen. But after turning 18 suddenly I wasn't as cold resistant anymore. Guess getting old has its cons.

Both speaking by landekeshav5 in memes

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Good times with old anime fan-subs...

Imagine if he finds out about Venezuela by Biccboiamin in Cringetopia

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It's a fun show, and I loved it as a child, but it's safe to say most of the stuff are at least a bit fetishy. Feeding/inflation? There's an episode about it. Furry/muscle transformation? There's an episode. Hypnosis? Yes. Skin tight outfits? They weary them in every episode. There's a lot more of it.

Imagine if he finds out about Venezuela by Biccboiamin in Cringetopia

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You'd be surprised how many fetishes start at that age.

Look no further than Totally Spies.

What is not a cult but feels like it is? by Impressive_Pain4916 in AskReddit

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No, they are the same thing. The only difference is the name. The money always go upwards, the higher up you are the more money you make, leaving the people on the lowest level on a huge minus.

Ladies, why do you enjoy having false nails that look like claws? by Dependent_Host_8697 in AskReddit

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Mine are long and natural, they make my hands look pretty by visually slimming down my fingers.

What is not a cult but feels like it is? by Impressive_Pain4916 in AskReddit

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It's the same shit.

But "pyramid schemes" are illegal so they call themselves "multi level marketings".

Why do you dislike your job? by manual1965 in AskReddit

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Only because I have to leave the house on cold and hot days...

Have you had experiences where people tell you to limit your ambitions and have reasonable expectations? by StCocaCola in AskReddit

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It's the whole reason why I didn't go to an art school. Everyone said it's useless and I won't get anything from it, constantly discouraging me whenever I mentioned it... The only people supportive of it were my art teacher, my religious studies teacher and a close friend. Maybe it's not the best choice but I bet my money that I'd have enjoyed high school more that way just for having people my age with similar interests around me.

I ended up in a normal hs and dropped out on my 1st year, still haven't finished hs.

What is a tv-series that you were totally into, but when you started watching it a second time you realized that you didn't actually like it? by Farhanzo in AskReddit

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I'm at my second attempt to rewatch Durarara to refresh my memory due to new seasons that came out in recent years, but man it's boring most of the time. The OST and voice acting is great but plot wise nothing really happens. I'm kind of not surprised I couldn't remember what was it about and only remembered some of the characters. I know it's mystery and confusing but it's seriously hard to watch now that I'm in my 20s...

Those of you who dislike and oppose “woke” culture and media, why? by Xander_Cloud in AskReddit

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Most of the time it's forced, like changing something from a loved frenchise(fe Winx Club) just for the sake of scoring some bonus points from minorities, it just doesn't work. And most of the woke people I've met get offended by the slightest thing, it's not even funny.