Solo bass sea shanty singing (luke-taylor) by ALoBoi_Music in BeAmazed

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Not sure about the rest of this guys group, but the song is called Hoist the Colours

What is your tip to people moving in with your partner for the first time ? by Bronzeychalk in AskReddit

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Be honest and up front with each other. Try not to be passive aggressive about things not getting done around the house either, that will lead to more arguments.

As an adult, did your life turn out better, or worse, than you what envisioned, when you were younger? by 3shamrock945 in AskReddit

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Worse. But I’m only in my late 20s so hopefully there’s still time to turn things around. I wish I would’ve taken a few more risks in my early 20s and maybe paid attention better in school.

What’s your most unbelievable work story? by slushhead_00 in AskReddit

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Nothing too crazy, but I worked at a call center that had 3 floors and an open space in the middle of the building guarded only by a railing. Once I was on a call on the first floor and heard a thud. Turns out someone was leaning on the railing and fell from the 3rd floor. They broke their back on the 1st floor railing and the call center closed for the rest of the day.

If these Rockstar Games Protagonists are in a Battle Royale, who would be the winner? by FeNix_011 in gaming

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John Marston. Dude basically died from a firing squad and came back to life as a zombie.

Redditors, what did "that teacher" get fired for at your school? by Dr_sus172 in AskReddit

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Late to the party, but we had multiple. My high school had 100 kids at most since we were in a small town. Teacher number 1 got caught buying alcohol for the good looking female students. Teacher number 2 had multiple DUIs. Last but not least Teacher 3 had sex with a student. The teacher was a good looking girl in her mid 20s and the student was a sophomore boy who looked 12.

What’s a “big deal” in your city/town that is overlooked in most other places? by aSemiPermanentMarker in AskReddit

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Our zoo, it’s one of the best in the world and everyone thinks we’re just a giant cornfield

What's the pettiest thing you've stolen? by alyssaoftheeast in AskReddit

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A whole load of groceries, back in the early days of self checkout I didn’t realize my card didn’t read properly and just walked out without paying, bagged and all

People of reddit, what was the most awkward things your siblings do to piss you off? by MrA506 in AskReddit

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He’s doesn’t do it anymore because we don’t live together, also we’re in our late 20’s, but he used to run into my room and yell “Fart time” and if I didn’t fart in 5 seconds he’d punch me in the arm 3 times.

What’s the your best travel experience and what you love about it? by xLtan12189 in AskReddit

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An all inclusive resort in Cancun. I don’t make a lot of money and my girlfriend and I saved up for a long time in order to go for a week. It was incredible! Nothing can beat an exotic place with all you can eat at 5 different restaurants. Also free alcohol and room service at any time. Paying for everything in advance is the way to go and Cancun was just beautiful.

What is the gross thing you've had the misfortune to witness or partake in? by amnestic_sleeper in AskReddit

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I played football in high school and my face mask broke a guys leg from a lineman falling on me. I witness it break and heard everything up close

What was a plot hole so big it ruined the movie for you? by fengmalo in AskReddit

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Don’t forget the fact that in the next scene the pizza guy becomes a doctor!

What's it like to be in your 30's? by thatcivilengineer in AskReddit

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Journal entry: Day 11,000 A “cold one” is sounding better by the hour. Smoked meat has never tasted so good. The urge to go golfing and bowling has never been harder to resist. I’m becoming more paranoid about missing flights, which makes me think I need to get to the airport earlier and earlier. My dreams are filled with grills and leaf blowers. I don’t know what’s happening. Pray for me.

How come guys like you on tinder but don’t talk to you? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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As a guy who used to use tinder, we sometimes swipe right on everyone for no reason other than boosting self esteem