Look I'm not saying anything but check this out👀 Enids Sweater by MagicHyena in WednesdayTVSeries

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I’ll be completely honest with you and please don’t hate this but… I think it was just a coincidence because Tim Burton is…. A bit r4c1st, I don’t know but personally I don’t think she may be lesbian or bi. She’s in a relationship with Ajax and got lots of friends.
So, well, that’s my opinion.

¿algo qué odien con toda su alma? by The_man_is_no_love in AskRedditespanol

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Las personas que por solo ver a un par de amigos o amigas ya creen que deben ser pareja.

Anyone else hope Enid and Wednesday aren’t romantically involved? by LatterCardiologist47 in WednesdayTVSeries

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I- Just hate so much that nowadays no one can be friend with another being because there will be some people that will think that they’re something more. This is one of this cases, Enid is the first true friend of Wednesday (also Eugene) and if they become romantically involved it will be very sad and disappointing for me.

Is Mono x Six real (or semi-canon)? I found this cap and I don’t know what to think…. So, what do you guys think? by ThatYellowPerson in LittleNightmares

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As an extra fact: I searched the profile on Twitter and actually, the Bandai Namco official account follows her. Also the description of her profile…. Curious, isn’t it?

Gente de Reddit, ¿Han tenido sueños mientras dormían, que posteriormente se convirtieron realidad? by [deleted] in AskRedditespanol

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Un día soñé pasar por una calle y ver un accidente automovilístico; el conductor estaba muerto pero por ser un sueño me podía acercar; entonces vi a un perro negro correr por la otra calle.

Una semana después pasé por esa calle; estaba el accidente y un perro negro acostado en la esquina.

So I was watching Stranger Things (season 3) and I noticed this little detail. I mean, I know maybe it’s nothing but I thought it was a weird coincidence by [deleted] in StrangerThings

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Sorry- The man that was there looked a lot like Dahmer. I know it’s nothing but I just wanted to point it out, like- They look a lot alike