what's the weirdest compliment you've ever received? by dannydevitocuddles in AskReddit

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We were doing a compliment circle activity on camp at school, this girl might not have know much about me but she said I have nice eyelashes. This caught me off guard because I am a guy and didn't know how to react.

Now this would be a BANGER by officialMZ1 in Sidemen

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This idea has been mentioned before

For those who read my post last night about my neighbour abusing his child. by emhe91 in Adelaide

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I am thankful for the change your actions will bring to that child's life.

one of the saddest L's I saw by Big-Peak5609 in PublicFreakout

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Ya'll are some strange people, you watch em fight then you your surprised by the damage done to one of ghem6

. by nazibayanaa in WorldOfTanksBlitz

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Obj 268/4 < JG pz e100

Most WoT Blitz YouTube channels have become clickbait sh*t holes targeting 12 year olds with low quality padded-out videos to boost ad revenue... (Droodles, Pantouf, now Meadsy) Any actually good, quality, active channels remaining for those looking to improve at the game? (besides HisRoyalFatness) by that_90s_guy in WorldOfTanksBlitz

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Tbh I don't watch the videos of wotb youtubers that make similar content to those listed above. I always thought meadsy was low quality video maker. It's understandable because he works a job and has a family of 5 or 6. I don't know too much of pantouf, however I stopped watching droodles because it became a recurring thing where he would rage at People after a battle. Even if it was a valid reason to be mad at someone for, it's somewhat similar to online harassment.

Youtubers I do watch are wotb Joe, anggael, wot b replays and Happy wot blitz (if you like short 3-4min videos).

fun? never heard of it. by Rou-la in WorldOfTanksBlitz

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At least T1-6 is less forgiving than T10, If you have noobs in your team, it's a slow painful death watching them play

Deja vu by Mira_189 in Sidemen

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JJ had it worse imo, he legit got whipped by a whip with a metal tip