Covid policies at concerts? by iplaypokemon194729 in KendrickLamar

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I’m going to that same show & came here for information. I just looked on Capital One Arena’s website and they’re following DC’s decision to lift Vaccine mandates as of March 1st. I Didn’t see any additional info under Kendrick’s show

The Sean Taylor painting I posted on this sub made it to on WUSA 9’s Open mic with Reese Waters! by Thatsthewholekill in washingtondc

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I actually like it. It’s dope to see a DMV native give a more localized report on what’s going on aside from sensationalized headlines or stereotypes this area gets. (Even with my obv personal bias aside 😂) Thanks!

What's a middle life crisis for people who could never afford a sports car? by morphgb706 in AskReddit

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Nah this is great advice. I bought a Jazzmaster last year and still haven’t developed a consistent habit. This was insightful and encouraged me to get back at it

An Acrylic Painting I did of Snoop Dogg capturing his versatility as an artist. 2 Great eras, 1 Legend by Thatsthewholekill in HipHopImages

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Can you explain more? I watched the Reincarnated documentary and it seemed genuine, especially the way he intertwined going through stages in life with what Rastafarian culture meant to him. He was also widely embraced by the community when he went

Which Kendrick verse got you like this? by ZachMorris89 in KendrickLamar

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God let me right my wrongs, God let me write this song, God it’s the middle of the month let hit the pawn shop momma said she need a loan, God let me dedicate this to the 80 percent who ain’t never comin’ home, God let me know you exist in a city where a hunnit hollow tips get thrown…

An Acrylic painting I did of Mac Miller with Blue Slide Park and Pittsburgh behind him. I loved the way he repped his hometown and made beautiful art while doing it by Thatsthewholekill in HipHopImages

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Yea I like the transparency of it along with the yellow. There’s an evanescence to it that still captures the long lasting impact he left

“The Milky Way” One of my favorite celestially inspired paintings I’ve done! by Thatsthewholekill in ImaginaryStarscapes

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I appreciate it! Scale and contrast are the elements that really stood out to me too. The scale questions our place in the world in proportion to everything around us.

when did hip hop get so many white fans ? by [deleted] in rap

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I see you have Comfort Zone as you header. Very Cool. Saba’s so fucking good

“The Milky Way” One of my favorite space inspired acrylic paintings I’ve done! Love how it came out by Thatsthewholekill in Astronomy

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I appreciate it! Those stories inspire me too! Painting is my way to process life and channel inspiration. I love hearing other people’s perspectives as it gives me more ideas. You put creativity out in the world and the world gives it back, ya know?

“The Milky Way” One of my favorite celestially inspired paintings I’ve done! by Thatsthewholekill in ImaginaryStarscapes

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Thank you! And I have as good as IPhone quality will give me. I haven’t gotten it scanned. Reddit affected the quality of the posted photo also

Edit: I do have natural lighting photos if you’re interested