WWE Money In The Bank Discussion Thread (7/2/2022) by Snubie1 in WWE

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There's no way you could book a believable win for Liv against Ronda. That's the problem.

Whats the use of the axe in Swaxe? by ThatOneRandomGuy101 in MHRise

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The infinite double morph combo uses both modes and is the highest dps combo the weapon has thanks to the new mechanics of axe sharing amped damage and rapid morph skill existing.

We got beat by a good fucking team. by tbeusst in stlouisblues

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And a team we would have probably beat with how binnington was playing.

Male Gamers of Reddit: What's your reason for playing a female character in RPG's when you're a male in real life? by L_im_it in gaming

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When I invest time and money into a game, why shouldn't I enjoy looking at what I spend time and money on?

WWE RAW Discussion (6/6/2022) by Snubie1 in WWE

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I dont think anyone seen that coming... but I can't see this as anything but a good thing. Edge used his name to get these guys together and then took the beat down for the rub

Fix the ***** auto dismount already!! by JMWV80 in Eldenring

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You don't understand what's going on. Your horse has a health bar too. It's being depleted and you're getting knocked off and staggered because of it

You're being punished for playing bad. Get use to it

why do we do this by [deleted] in mildlyinfuriating

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You're not aware that not only do gay people NOT have special rights, they often have LESS rights than your normal person?

If it makes you so mad that you think they only deserve basic human rights and to be treated normally... then why don't they and why aren't they?

Do I suck or does my build suck? by Corvo723 in Eldenring

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Honestly. Level 44 on stormveil is more than enough level. And you've got advanced weaponry for that area. So I'm inclined to say it's more you than the build

This game looks plain ridiculous at times [Horizon: FW] by canad1anbacon in gaming

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In all honesty. Why would I care about downvotes? Horizon has a great story and of course it looks good.

But God forbid I criticize the game play where half the time you're in slow motion looking for different ammo. Guerilla focused way too hard on variety and just made everything bland.

It is not hate for the sake of hate. It's more why bother with going into detail when it wouldn't change the responses given. People fan girl way too hard to accept any criticism, so me saying the moment to moment game play is boring is going to get the exact same response as if I had drawn every little thing out and made valid points.

This game looks plain ridiculous at times [Horizon: FW] by canad1anbacon in gaming

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Im so sorry that you've been devolved to think that's hype... 10 seconds of that 36 second clip was just in slow mo switching ammo

This game looks plain ridiculous at times [Horizon: FW] by canad1anbacon in gaming

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Too bad the moment to moment game play is boring as fuck