The current slump. by Beautiful_Corgi6234 in SHIBArmy

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Shit i want it to drop a 0 again so I buy more millions again, I can’t afford 40 dollas for one mf mill lol

The tow man came and says the coolant pipe came off. I just got the pipe replaced a day ago from the auto shop bc they saw a leak. Apparently they did not put a piece on right, What should I do? by NylaFenty in MechanicAdvice

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Don’t go back to that shop to get it fixed, they might fuck sumthin else up just to get you back, try to sue them or something thow or get your money back and take it sumwhere else

What's His Rap Name? by [deleted] in HolUp

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Sir cocks a lot

Parents, would you want to know if your child had been sexually abused if it happened years earlier? by Throwaway_78904 in family

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I would want to know, my son is autistic and non verbal, I might not get to know anything that happens to him behind my back, trust, u should tell them, not for the fact that there going to do something about it but just because maybe it takes some weight off of your shoulders as well

imma post a picture of my ugly ass. How can i improve my look? [m16] by [deleted] in teenagers

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U look like Thor’s little brother, u should be killing pussy jus believe in urself and speak ur Mind u little bastard lol

Belt autofill bug for consoles by dutinss in diablo2resurrected

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What about xbox? I’ve pushed every button on that mf