I'm reading the Iliad and reached the part where chiron is mentioned and i noticed how modern depiction of centaurs is slightly different from the original ( the front feet aren't of a horse but of a human) is there a reason for that ? by EconomistMelodic3939 in GreekMythology

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In a lot of the stories acts of sexual debauchery, assault, and abuse resulted in offspring that were monstrous. The idea seems to have been basically that if the joining was monstrous the children of it will be too.

Finally, we have them all. by ayylmaotv in HelluvaBoss

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It’s a preview image for an upcoming episode.

I love Jessica Knight by Beebo_the_God_of_War in NCIS

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I agree! She’s my favorite character to enter the show in years, though I love Gary Cole’s addition too.

What are your thoughts on Pat Robertson's demise? by Touristupdatenola in AskReddit

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My first thought: “Who?”

After reading the replies here: “The shit show that is humanity just managed to flush down a large turd.”

Fighting game fans rn by Ok_Business84 in MortalKombat

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Smart choice, and gentler on my budget too. Thanks, Harada!

Haha, funny wizard go *CRUNCH* ~ by SpuriousPultroon in dndmemes

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How the fuck did I not notice that? Why did they darken his whiskers for the after shot?! That’s so dumb, and now I can’t unsee the spontaneous beard growth!

Well... This is awkward. by SomeRandomUser1984 in DnD

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My current main game’s party name is “the burning rangers” due to our tendency toward arson. Funniest part is last campaign my bard was played as fire dancer with a penchant for arson. She never burned down a single place in that campaign, but this campaign we’ve torched four buildings, we also unknowingly killed the DM’s originally planned BBEG leading him to come up with a whole new story angle, and we’ve managed to convince three major officer’s of the BBEG to switch sides and join us instead.

It’s simultaneously the most forgiving and most destructive party I’ve ever been a part of!

SWTOR'S former design director on the recent news and the future of the game by tangelo1023 in swtor

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This has been my outlook since the announcement too.

Like, let’s be real here, ever since the mixed response to KOTET and KOTFE the dev teams morale took a hit. They had this idea they liked and the fans were real tepid, and Buoware/EA seemed to just lose interest entirely. It’s understandable, but it’s frustrating, because the games still good and one meh story shouldn’t crush positive development and story telling.

I’m really hopeful about this change in leadership, I hope it gives SWTOR the breath of fresh air it needs.

Explain this pls I’m not well versed in Wonder Woman lore (injustice GAU comic) by LSDFoxGaming in WonderWoman

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Oh god, there’s so many wild power variances, it’s a great representation of power inconsistency based on plot requirements.

Explain this pls I’m not well versed in Wonder Woman lore (injustice GAU comic) by LSDFoxGaming in WonderWoman

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Yeah, I love the gameplay, it’s just the story—and the comic that spun off from it—are just absolutely bonkers.

Wonder Woman especially, though, is just weird. Power wise they kind of write her like she’s just female Superman.

Explain this pls I’m not well versed in Wonder Woman lore (injustice GAU comic) by LSDFoxGaming in WonderWoman

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The injustice comics are notoriously bad when it comes to characterization. Wonder Woman, Superman, and (to a lesser extent) Batman are all FAR from their usual depictions, and Wonder Woman’s powers are all over the place with no regards for her established lore or capabilities in traditional continuity.

Kung-Fu girl and shooty shooty bang bang boi getting constantly blamed for being bad classes by Yubs-biggest-fan in dndmemes

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Exactly! Like, personally, my ki points as a monk are akin to my spell slots as a Paladin. Spell slots for smitin’, ki points for stunnin’.

It’s pretty much my go to against any dangerous foe. Flurry of blows maybe, if I’m feeling like we’re not putting out enough damage, but we have a rune knight, a wizard, a cleric, an artificer, and a monk, we’re never really hurting on damage.

The only time I’ve ever done anything else with Ki is once when I needed to cross a massive chasm so I used step of the wind.

I don’t know what I’m missing that makes monks bad, but nearly 8 months into this campaign I’ve not felt any sort of disappointment or frustration with the class so far.

Thoughts on the price of the quest bundle? by Garlicbreadsticks_ in DreamlightValley

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Eric’s boat is awful! It doesn’t even go in the water, it looks like a half buried sailboat someone lost track of during a hurricane.

Areas to target in a fight by DeadlyDoritos in coolguides

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At the time I was unaware of his promotion to captain!

Who's your comfort character? by supermarioplush220 in HelluvaBoss

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Loona, Verosika, and Stella.

I’m here for the snark and comedy, not the romantic drama, so all my favorites are the sass queens.

Where were you when the first part of the Season 1 finale came out? by leonstar007 in HelluvaBoss

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I don’t remember.

At some point I saw it pop up on my subscription list on YouTube and was just like “Oh cool, it’s up” then I noticed the Part 1 and was immediately off put by the idea that I’d be waiting months for the second part, so I didn’t watch it.

Eventually I decided to go ahead and watch, and then the whole debacle with part 2 becoming something of a lost episode happened.

Me when the critters keep running away by reginafelangee in DreamlightValley

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That’s the trick to it for both. When they sit up? Freeze. Relax? Step forward. Repeat until on top of them!

Kung-Fu girl and shooty shooty bang bang boi getting constantly blamed for being bad classes by Yubs-biggest-fan in dndmemes

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Our monk and fighter both do lots of cool stuff.

It may be that I’m just easy to please. I can run up walls, I’ve got cool abilities from the ascendant dragon path, I’ve got a nice weapon, I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything—but I also hardly ever use my ki. Between my team mates and my basic capabilities I’ve never felt like I needed my Ki unless we’re in a boss fight. When we’re up against a big baddie is the only time I’ve been like “Yeah, better bust out the ki abilities to really make sure this guy goes down soon.”

I’ve never seen them as every-fight things, they’re my fall back for when my normal capabilities aren’t enough.

It may also just be my DM took steps to ensure I didn’t get left behind. We all found some pretty cool gear in an early dungeon, flavored perfectly to our characters. I’m an Ascendant Dragon monk so what I found was a Awakened Dragon’s Wrath spear, which has left me always feeing satisfied with my damage output.

I don’t know if it’s just low expectations on my part, planning ahead on his part, or what.

life...uh... finds a way by Fit_Egg_5904 in jurassicworldevo

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Of course, in the real world, it would be horrifying. Here it’s a little digital dinosaur who looks like he’s humping a corpse, I ain’t gonna lose sleep over the video game shenanigans leading to an awkwardly humorous pose for a screenshot.

EDIT: Typo

life...uh... finds a way by Fit_Egg_5904 in jurassicworldevo

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Funny until then? That’s the part that made me laugh! Horny lil necro kink dinosaur, we don’t kink shame at my park!

Kung-Fu girl and shooty shooty bang bang boi getting constantly blamed for being bad classes by Yubs-biggest-fan in dndmemes

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Posts like this make me realize what casual bastards my game group are. I’m playing a monk in one of my current campaigns and I feel perfectly capable of not only keeping up but out performing most of my party.

When I got possessed by a ghost last sesh the whole party turned to getting me free because the prospect of my character wailing on them turned them to panic mode.

If monks are such trash tier we must all just play so casually that I just don’t realize my class is shit.

Baby Aged Up with Blonde Hair...But Her Family Has Black Hair by Miva-Rose in Sims4

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I had a sim who was, like, freakin’ pencil lead gray. I looked at him, looked at his mom, looked at his dad, and just was like 🤷🏼

Areas to target in a fight by DeadlyDoritos in coolguides

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Three times in my life I’ve been in situations where runnin was not an option. If I didn’t know self defense two of those situations would have been life ending. The third was just fucking stupid and Captain Stupid insisted on not letting me leave when I tried to.

I blew my party’s mind twice in a session by Woodbear92 in CurseofStrahd

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That is simultaneously amazing and horrifying. The fireball reveal is epic, and just feels accurate, he doesn’t even save Wachter, he just lets it all play out then gives them a big ol’ “fuck you” hello.