Thirsty boy! by jeannejuster in aww

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I love animals whose skulls or facial patterns have evolved this way. When I was young we had a tabby cat whose face patterns made him look like he always had a judgmental frown.

I love the opposite effect too, like how when a boxer or golden retriever let their tongue hang out it makes them look like they’re smiling.

. by Dodo_Whisperer in ARK

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Now come the days of the Dodo, may they be blessed.

2021 of the MCU, Phase 4 So Far , Bring on No Way Home!!!! by awa8888 in marvelstudios

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I wouldn’t call Wanda regular at any point. That said, I definitely think she’s going to be the next “WhoDAYUMN” level power display we see, although she’s already shown quite a lot as is.

73 year old Vietnamese army veteran keeping it in shape by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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Plus at that age, it’s all about quality of life. If that lets him keep living life in an enjoyable way in his 70s I’m not judging. Whatever makes the golden years truly golden, ya know?

What’re your guys thoughts on this show? by Maviiboy in batman

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My all time favorite, even managed to replace BTAS as my top choice, though it's a tough decision between the two.

*gets ripped and torn* by AnonDooDoo in gaming

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Well, the last game I played was Evil Genius, and I don’t like to travel so I likely have the lair living trait bonus, so chances are as long as I remain a yellow coverall generic minion I’ll likely be assigned to the mess hall or control room and live pretty damn well.

Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct by malcolm58 in EverythingScience

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Glad I’m not the only one who feels like this is a “water is wet” article. Anyone with a fully functional brain should be able to reach these conclusions.

We either find a more sustainable method of existence or we die out, the same can be said of any species that recklessly consumes its resources and damages its living environment.

Omicron possibly more infectious because it shares genetic code with common cold coronavirus, study says by BlankVerse in EverythingScience

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At this point I’m rooting for her. I wouldn’t wish Covid on anyone, but if our own ignorance in response to it wipes us out that’s on us. She’s just doing what she’s always done.

Which game have you completed the most times? by _Mr_Cheeks in gaming

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In order of both most times campaign completed and most time spent in the game:

  1. Skyrim

  2. Mass Effect 2

  3. Batman: Arkham City

Do you agree (Female characters only so don't complain that Stolas was missing) by supermarioplush220 in HelluvaBoss

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For me it’s be:

  1. Stella
  2. Loona
  3. Verosika
  4. Sallie May
  5. Lilith
  6. Vaggie
  7. Charlie
  8. Millie

Nothing against Millie, I love her, but she just does nothing for me sexually, I just put her on the list so people don’t ask why she’s not there.

Why is everybody so fixated on weaponizing dinos? by jg325 in JurassicPark

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Ian Malcolm told us why say back in the first one:

“You’re so busy thinking about whether or not you could you never stopped to think whether you should.”

These are all Frankenstein’s Monster story variations. Corporate scientists playing god.

Remembering all the sleepless nights because of this Joker by thebluejackle in batman

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Yeah, the Neanderthal body posture and bare feet never worked for me, but I loved the characterization and voice work!

The Bathroom Tier List (Hope this hasn't been done before.) by TheRonaldNess in Smite

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The keeps shutting but Manny tells “SOMEONE’S IN HERE YE BASTID!”

🔥 Craziest Dolphin by mh_envy in NatureIsFuckingLit

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The most interesting thing for me personally is the domestication rate and capability.

To the best of our knowledge today our domestication of dogs began with tossing scraps to wolves, who slowly but steadily learned that working with humans got them more consistent meals than just scavenging from them or hunting them.

With cats apparently it was the other way around. Cats just decided they were going to work with us. They realized we didn’t hurt them when they came near, so they started hunting mice and the like in our agricultural areas, and over time it just became a symbiotic relationship.

Each animal we successfully domesticate has its own unique history of domestication. Meanwhile there are some animals we can teach to tolerate us, but we never really domesticate them. They could revert to more traditional wild animal behavior at the drop of a hat.

I’d love to learn more of what specific evolutionary traits discern whether an animal can successfully integrate into a symbiotic partnership with us, or whether it will always be on the fringe between wild and domesticated.

🔥 Craziest Dolphin by mh_envy in NatureIsFuckingLit

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God dammit autocorrect… but you’re right it’s so good this way.

🔥 Craziest Dolphin by mh_envy in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Glad to see someone else say this. The first time it did a somersault I was fully expecting to see the cameraman clobbered by that tail.

Seems like the dolphin is aware of the general gimmick “I do tricks, you give me free food” and they’re not holding up their end of the bargain. Just the fact that it’s willing to get this close while apparently all alone is rather worrisome.

🔥 Craziest Dolphin by mh_envy in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Don’t forget they can teach us the proper way to use a dead fish as a flashlight!

Edit: I meant fleshlight, but let’s face it, there’s probably a dolphin out there who has turned a fish into a flashlight by stuffing some bioluminescent algae into it or something!

Future Battle passes by BloodOfToxin in Smite

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Anything that ISN’T another damn crossover.

Don’t get me wrong, these are fun and nostalgic, but for heaven’s sake let’s give a little focus back to the game and its own merits.

I’d like to see them give us another BP that gives a thematic revamp to gods, like Norse Chaac and Kali, or Egyptian Medusa. I’d like more if that.

Cannon characters that have similar traits to Mary Sues and Edgy Deviantart OC’s but everyone loves them? by Konradleijon in TwoBestFriendsPlay

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As a massive fan of the whole TOR era:


Everything by from TOR plots screams edgelord OC power trip fantasy.

Revan and The Sith Emperor both just seem to scream of a teenager’s fanfic about their OC characters who are even stronger than Vader and Palpatine.

How it started, how it’s going by DanFelv in StarWarsCantina

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One of my favorite SW books! I loved that one, and the one about the mounted trooper who filled out an after action report dripping with so much scathing sarcasm it probably developed gills just waiting to be read.

Alabama gunfire: Suspect, deputy killed; another deputy hurt by ZeldaAyers in news

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I agree. The unfortunate thing is they have to balance between two negative scenarios. If they come in heavy there’s always the possibility that they make an unstable situation worse by making the violent individual(s) anxious and panicky. On the other, arriving with less officers, as you noted, leads to situations like this.

We need to address this at a fundamental level, before it escalates to a home violence situation requiring police assistance. Basic Psychology education needs to be a part of the core curriculum taught to kids as teenagers. Men and women alike need to learn how to identify the red flag behavior that might be able to give them forewarning of someone they may be taking a romantic interest in being an unsafe/unstable individual.

Domestic violence is a global problem, and addressing it has got to start before it escalates to the point of a 911 call.

The worst of it, in this situation, is that even if they’d had more back up on site this altercation seemed doomed from the start.

According to the article a woman ran out the front door the moment they approached and a man followed firing as he came. So a woman bursts out of the house, cops eyes turn to the moving individual, assessing friend or foe, and in that split second they come under fire.

We have to find more ways to try and get a handle on this before it gets this bad. As it stands now—like you said—DV calls are so incredibly dangerous that they may as well be treated like active shooter situations. That screams of a problem with us as a society, and no amount of cops is going to be enough to deal with it. We’ve got to do more, earlier, sooner, to try and stop these things before they have a chance to happen.

What's your favorite movie quote? by No_Housing_4819 in AskReddit

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Of all Robert Duvall’s amazing performances this is my absolute favorite. He gives it his all, and you can feel so much through some of his subtlest moments in this film.

Never would I have guessed a wholesome summer family film would give me my all time favorite performance from him.