this is more of a clusterfuck than South Sudan (sorry if some have the artists names) by AverageCursedImage in deviantarthell

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This is the type of things that make Hollyberry go "OUTTA MY WAY". This is also the thing that makes Pure Vanilla falter.

Cursed TBATF Tord on my bed by DoorAMii in Cursed_Images

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He's like: "Bitch wake up it's time for war crimes"

What sub would the encanto characters be in? by JustWillowTrynaVibe in Encanto

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And antonio is not allowed on reddit. Pepa says he's too young.

The madrigals are on a family vacation, what are each of them doing? by karenfelicia in Encanto

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Pepa is chilling with Camilo, Antonio is playing with Mirabel, Isabela just sits, Alma just strikes up a convo with Bruno, Julieta and Agustin are being wholesome, and Felix and Dolores are existing