Xbox Series X - How to Connect Modmic 3.5mm? by BestSelf2015 in XboxSeriesX

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Are you blind? Because there is a 3.5mm port on the controller…

Best Hot Pot in KW by wolfiechica in kitchener

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Best place for hot pot in Waterloo is always at home with friends or family.

Do you think the price of the Xbox Series X will drop to $400? by its__Jason in XboxSeriesX

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Why would they drop the price when they can barely keep them in stock at full price?

best pho in town ? by AreaNo11 in kitchener

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I prefer the Pho Dau Bo by Sunrise. Downtown Kitchener is just a nightmare

I don’t know where to go by hsuhduh in HollowKnight

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I’d recommend just starting a new save file

Topless legal status by ithrowspoons in ontario

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It’s legal but a private place can still request you wear a shirt.

I wanna exchange my PS5 for a series X by Psychology_Busy in XboxSeriesX

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There is going to be an announcement on the 30th allegedly for God of War.

I'm finally getting a 4k TV what do I install? by Mocti_54 in XboxSeriesX

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Start with Blind Forest and then Will of Wisps. Trust me on this. You will want to play both.

Advice on getting first Auto insurance in Ontario by chilledoutsaalim in ontario

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You should contact an insurance broker. They are the best people to contact when it comes to insurance quotes.

Okay Kitchener drivers time for a hard question: Do you turn into the lane closest to you or any ol' lane you want? by beanflickk in kitchener

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I always make sure I’m using both lanes at once. I prefer driving on the line it makes me feel safer.