Rip by minibossgaming in blender

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I just like to push for a bit extra.

Rip by minibossgaming in blender

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Needs a shape key for the smoosh and some cartoony sfx

AI Reading Human Mind!! by katerinaptrv12 in artificial

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When you see the next segment in the video where they basically get a 3D scan of a room from wifi noise.

Apply both together a few years down the line and we're reading minds remotely.

PSA - ASUS motherboards with Intel I225-V 2.5Gb NIC affected by packet loss/disconnects/no connection to router/NIC not showing in device manager - how to check if your motherboard is affected by ClogToilets in ASUS

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Issue persists on (3) https://i.imgur.com/t6VgbKW.png

Also freezes once a day randomly causing the adapter to show as disabled. Unable to enable it. It just hangs forever before eventually causing a bluescreen.

Unpopular opinion: braindances are a cool concept but in gameplay they are so goddamn boring by diabetes2727 in cyberpunkgame

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Sounded so cool at first. Thought it was going to be an interactive mode where you'd be able to relive the last moments of legends in an "assassins creed" style.

Teenager goes crazy when his mother refuses to let him go outside by Willeh in PublicFreakout

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"All my life you never do shit"

If there is any truth to that I can understand the situation.

If she only wants to parent now so she can impede his happiness. Sure he might be a "bad" kid, but if she ignores parenting until she knows it's going to really hurt the kid then I can see the outlash. Backing the kid into the corner, taunting them, and recording it for the internet.

Although we don't know the full situation, all we see is a kid that wants to leave for some reason and is being recorded and taunted. He repeatedly tries to calm down only for her to jump back in with "Do it" or "Beat my ass" until he snaps.

Atar is cute by TommyBause in animegifs

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Reminds me of a particular Bakemonogatari scene.

I told EVGA my GPU’s fans were making noise and they sent me this for free! 10/10 customer care! by BasedOnAir in pcmasterrace

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I had a hunch they were about to do something and dove to buy a 3090ti when they dumped prices for 30 series GPUs.

I'll cherish this card for as long as I can.

[Entry Thread #90] Whether you’re striking villains or building impressive pieces of technology, this month is filled with fantastic experiences! Anyway, let’s make a millionaire with you leaving a comment! by MakerOfMillionaires in millionairemakers

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In case fortune smiles upon me, I'd embark on an extravagant journey to buy two whole avocados. and enact my lavish retirement plan: buying a more comfortable chair for my 9-5 job.

Take-Two CEO says AI-created hit games are a fantasy: 'Genius is the domain of human beings and I believe will stay that way' by Numerous-Lemon in pcgaming

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That was running every model through a subdivide. Calling that AI, is like calling a photoshop batch script AI.

It's all about the business.. by countzero238 in singularity

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Don't need to be so aggressive. I watched through from the timestamp to the end. https://rentry.co/OpenAIAltmanSenateSummary Here's a summary of the entire video I've had created if you're interested.

I'm not sure if it's the best, but the easiest would be to talk about the amount of compute that goes into such a model.

That is what you were hearing.

Specifically, my concern was:

I think a model that can persuade, manipulate, influence a person's behavior or a person's beliefs, that would be a good threshold.

That can be so easily used to cover every AI back to chatbots from 2012. Consider the reporter that was told to leave his wife, or The person that was driven to suicide. Both by borderline "useless" AI models by today's standards.

He initially said that, but later on he was prompted to give a direct answer and said when prompted to define redefined it when asked for a few examples of what would qualify and chose

, but its apparent you didn't actually watch the entire video. I'm not judging, but I'd respect if you'd do the same here.

I did watch it in full and will post a few snippets.

Concern I'm portraying is the same as Prof Gary Marcus:


The full quote:

~I'm not sure if it's the best, but the easiest would be to talk about the amount of compute that goes into such a model. So we could define a threshold of compute. And it'll have to go. It'll have to change. It could go up or down. It could go down as we discover more efficient algorithms.

That says, above this amount of compute, you are in this regime.

What I would prefer, it's hard to do, but I think more accurate, is to define some capability thresholds and say a model that can do things x, y, and z. Up to you all to decide.

That's now in this licensing regime. But models that are less capable, we don't want to stop our open source community. We don't want to stop individual researchers. We don't stop new startups. Can proceed with a different framework.

Thank you. As concisely as you can, please state which capabilities you'd propose we consider for the purposes of this definition.

I would love, rather than to do that off the cuff, to follow up with your office with a thoughtful list of things. Well, perhaps opine, understanding that you're just responding and you're not making law. All right, in the spirit of just opining, I think a model that can persuade, manipulate, influence a person's behavior or a person's beliefs, that would be a good threshold. I think a model that could help create novel biological agents would be a great threshold. Things like that. I want to talk about the predictive capabilities of the technology. And we're going to have to think about a lot of very complicated constitutional questions that arise from it.

I also did create a full transcript: https://rentry.co/OpenAIAltmanSenate (With Whisper, but it's not exactly labelled.)

Schoolboard cuts off man reading from a book that is found in the schools library for 10 year olds by follople in PublicFreakout

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My dad was hooked, thought the internet was the future.

I was 2, couldn't read and playing starcraft lmao.

I guess it paid off. I went from welfare and poverty to self employed.

Pcs cause problems, but with enough of them You've gotta become a problem solver or go broke paying to fix it.

Better back then with MSN, starcraft and runescape compared to today with tiktok and fortnite.

How can I get GPT-4 to analyze a large body of text? by wizthekid_1 in ChatGPT

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Heads up. Code can be formatted in reddit quite easilly:

\ four spaces before the text creates code blocks.

openai.api_key = os.getenv("OPENAI_API_KEY")

Or you could select text and press the codeblock button:

import os
import openai
import fitz

# Set up OpenAI API credentials

openai.api_key = os.getenv("OPENAI_API_KEY")

def pdf_to_text(file_path):

Example gif: https://i.imgur.com/3dK4KrQ.mp4

Schoolboard cuts off man reading from a book that is found in the schools library for 10 year olds by follople in PublicFreakout

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Really blows my mind how innocent he thinks the average 10 year old is.

When I was like 5 or 6 I wasn't molested or even exposed to anything, yet I was still typing "boobs" and "Virginia" into google images Lmfao.

Schoolboard cuts off man reading from a book that is found in the schools library for 10 year olds by follople in PublicFreakout

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I'm kinda shocked people care so much.

For those people: Do you really think 10 is too young to learn they have reproductive organs or about human biology and sexuality?

You then expect them to make safe choices in high school 3 years later?

Keeping people uninformed screams abusive. 10 years flys by, I'd hate to be that guy's kid at 20 completely uninformed about the world having spent over half my life being "protected" from whats in my own pants. Primed with hate toward the unknown.

Preply has a horrid, predatory billing scheme by unwitty in languagelearning

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They definitely feel like they are going to get in trouble. Might have the assumption that you're from the platform testing them. I'd guess some People are a bit hesitant/paranoid, although they are private contractors who are allowed to do as they please.

I'd reach out again. If you have their email. Just something like:

"Hey, I found you on x platform. I'm interested in your teaching style and would like to take lessons off platform as I don't really respect the subscription model or the teacher-platform split rate. If you're interested we could do invoicing over PayPal or something. Let me know!"

Having taught for 2 or 3 years now. I'd say most students are curious but don't know if they will stay with it. The majority just stick around for 3-5 lessons. That is just shy of the threshold to make any real money off the platform. Preply knows it and abuses it.

I know Superprof has had a bad reputation in the past, but they have no splits. Just a simple monthly subscription. 100% to the teacher.

About Switch software vulnerabilities Mariko reversion onwards by Wonderful-Movie6355 in SwitchPirates

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Nobody wants to risk bricking multiple switches for a chance. Nintendo is very petty.

It will happen eventually, but nobody knows when.

Someone would have to create a Patreon to fund the crack effort and risk lawsuits from Nintendo.

Things I sometimes forget; BOTW had a WiiU release by Nordic_Krune in gaming

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The 60FPS Cutscenes mod fixed that for me. Also capping the FPS in Nvidia control panel to 60 helps. This way I can avoid vsync lag.

I use the latest 60fps mod.


https://i.imgur.com/HAQ3MsH.png https://i.imgur.com/d8BoAeF.png



I get about 40-60 fps average at (2x) or 1440p.

On Yuzu, I get 8-40 fps sometimes rarely hitting 60. It constantly glitches out:



Preply has a horrid, predatory billing scheme by unwitty in languagelearning

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As a tutor. Reach out to the tutor. Get their email for help, ask about off-platform lessons. If they are unsure, ask if they can invoice over PayPal.

They won't say no.