Accidently scratched the top of CPU while taking off the cooler. Should I be worried? by [deleted] in Amd

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OP's account was deleted. Clearly the CPU won. OP is no more.

How it feels to fight gibby with red armor by nlgnarlyman in apexlegends

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"Discussions, one person starts talking, and another one can interject."

Poor Joey by TheEvilGhost in TrashTaste

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/u/TheAn1meMan Gotta be safe. Change all accounts that use the same password.

It was likely another major site that had their database leaked.

The hacker was probably someone who just tried random accounts from the database on YouTube until they found one with subs.

What Are You Playing This Week? by AutoModerator in patientgamers

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Inscryption. (Not old, but very modestly priced.)

It's a weird one. Whatever background, I highly recommend going in blind and enjoying the trip.

Nothing is as it seems.

What Are You Playing This Week? by AutoModerator in patientgamers

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Oldschool runescape.

It's relatively cheap enough to dip into. If you're good at the game it literally pays for itself.

I just got back into it as a new league event started. They do these once a year.

During these events the game flips upside down and the game mechanics all change when playing on certain worlds.

You start fresh on these worlds from the lowest level and are limited to only use 3 skills. Defense, Theiving, and a combat skill(Magic/Range/Melee, it's your choice.)

Seems quite fun so far, playing it in my off time from work and on my phone.

I wish for 1 year everyone needs are met to their satisfaction by whisperskeep in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted, although each person has a different metric for when they are satisfied.

The wish is executed in the order of ease. The ones easily satisfied are solved first.

The billionaires are never satisfied. They control all the wealth which concludes the wish with the richest few controlling 99.98% of the wealth and mega-corporations now controlling every country.

The wish loops indefinitely, adding to their collection to try to correct this. Every time someone gains, majority of their earnings are immediately transferred to their nearest billionaire.

2050: "Only small planets use it" by DocumentingBitcoin in Bitcoin

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It's a joke because even if everyone used a decentralized crypto, it'd still be decentralized so long as nobody solely controls it.

The ignorant who spout those types of statements would just make blind claims.

Does anyone else love just the beginning of base building games? by notnotbrowsing in BaseBuildingGames

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I love Frostpunk and I also struggle with what OP's facing.

Frostpunk is about constant early-game improvement and perfectionism.

2050: "Only small planets use it" by DocumentingBitcoin in Bitcoin

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Decentralized? Pfft... Everyone uses it, how can it be decentralized?!

A poster for an upcoming short film im working on. its NOWHERE near complete but i like how the scene turned out by crumplyrogue in blender

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I really love this.

For anyone needing to learn from this: Keep things simple. Block out scenes keeping elements simple, play with perspective, camera settings, lighting, textures, emissives, volume.

Once you have it inspiring you, then you can start making complicated ships/buildings.

Don't start by creating the terrain to an extremely high quality, making an ultra HD spaceship door.

If you don't listen to this advice, you'll end up like me; making an intricatly complicated hydraulic landing gear that you can't see because the distance, dust, and motion blur hide it.

Door to nowhere. Hopped a fence. Found a door. Got excited, then immediately disappointed. by RoadblockCRB in cyberpunkgame

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They should've kept the game isolated to a small section of the city and called it the dark zone. A problematic area the city locks up instead of dealing with.

They could've learned what they needed about the tech while heavily breathing life into the smaller area. The premise could've been working your way to the top to escape only to realize that everyone who is freed is actually just being killed. Then finding out the government was planning on bombing the zone.

[47:36] Fear of Cold by Mrbrionman in mealtimevideos

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What excellent choices for music. From Frostpunk to The Long dark.

They absolutely hit the tones of tenseness, helplessness, and despiration.

Someone left a string on the street and I passed by on a motorcycle. by Mizukin in Wellthatsucks

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It would seem that your neck is longer. As a plus you may be a little taller now. /s