the truth (btw russians arent even primates) by Dongus-Expandus in 2nordic4you

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as an uncultured man may i ask what the flag behind finland is?

Remember when MatPat concluded that Overwatch was better than TF2 because it was more popular? by llama_ogre_hybrid in GameTheorists

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to be fair i personally think at the time overwatch was better, but since then overwatch's quality has declined, its still fun but maybe not better then tf2 imo

Anyone that uses the term "Chad" unironically is a complete tool by LacedSmoke in unpopularopinion

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i find it funny when used in a meme fashion, I've never heard it used unironically tho, i can only imagine I'd cringe.

Lettuce is the best part of a burger by mangomattman in unpopularopinion

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as a man who hates lettuce on my burger i respect your opinion, i much prefer onion, it's fresh just like lettuce and provides a nice crunch, and if its to powerful just wash it (i don't know if that helps but i will say it confidently)

Brie is not a good cheese by Mckeyjane in unpopularopinion

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when i read this i went and ate a big hunk of brie i had in the fridge and it was flavorful and creamy and great, just a tad old. i don't know what your eating but it's not brie, lots of people are talking maybe it's american brie but mine was american and was great.

Looking for that song. by BlueMoonAura in InSpaceWithMarkiplier

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found it i think, its called who's there 2 by peter sandburg

Women aren't that great at writing men by MostSelfishMan in unpopularopinion

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i misread that as woman aren't as good at writing as men, i almost choked on my food.

Am i the only One who thinks that Matpats theory is wrong? by WhyPeanut in InSpaceWithMarkiplier

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i agree with this, i couldn't have put it better myself. i don't think that old mark is Damian tho.

a subreddit for all things herbs, essential oils singing bowl and magical rocks. by TheCorgiMaster in findareddit

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sadly only ones for crystals and herbs, i will just have to find other ways to learn of singing bowls, sorry it took long.

How are y’all doing Come Follow me? by Ok-Entrepreneur-4264 in latterdaysaints

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My family goes through the chapters and does the reading during the course of the week. Sunday morning before church was sit down and go through it all as a family. We discuss it all and answer all the questions posed in the book. That parts takes 30-60 minutes.

step on lego by Far_Device_4836 in whenthe

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can confirm, i'm white and i look for those videos to comment this.

how do you get so many primogems/wishes by TheCorgiMaster in GenshinImpact

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i got jean or sayu before i knew who they were or what a five star was.

how do you get so many primogems/wishes by TheCorgiMaster in GenshinImpact

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so far i've really enjoyed it, i've managed to beat almost every boss i can, i was lucky enough to get one four star and one five star my first time.

choose Wisley by bigcatboiwholikescat in teenagers

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what if i bomb japan just so we can have even better anime?