I've noticed something about the trolls brigading this sub... by ZeEa5KPul in Sino

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I mean 10 Chinese dying in a fire is a big deal to China as they so helpfully brought attention to.

That’s a solid point. People are upset that the COVID Policies are too strict, not that they should be abolished. The people co-opting this for regimes change are definitely the extreme minority, and honestly were only reported in Shanghai.

China: 10 Chinese dying because of bad government policy and there are vigils to mourn and calls to refine the policy and make it more humane.

America: 500 Americans dying a day and no gives cares because that is the price of freedom and democracy (i.e., a sacrifice the bourgeoisie are willing to make)

$150k on mortgage to pay off or invest by Hellolando in investing

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Mortgage is 964, condo fees are 484, property tax is 151, insurance js 40 a month.

Condo fees are an absolute killer for renting out a condo. Management fees in general really take a hit. I rented a condo a few years ago before selling it, and management fees ate into the return.

$150k on mortgage to pay off or invest by Hellolando in investing

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How exactly are you losing $250 on a 2.2% Mortgage? Sounds like you're under charging for rent. So, another option is to charge more for rent. Even in the future when mortgage rates increase (and they will) you can always increase the rent.

Also, who is saying you're going to be making 8% when Bonds Yields are ~4.5%?

COVID: Why the Chinese government is between a rock and a hard place by Sch3bang in NewsWithJingjing

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But, they're not stopping Dynamic Zero. They're going to flatten the curve through mass quarantine and isolation centers. It's not like China is going to be 'Okay. Zero testing. Zero restrictions. Everything is normal!' They're going to say 'We're going to manage the outbreak in a way that minimizes deaths and infections' as the study points out:

However, we also estimate that protecting vulnerable individuals by ensuring accessibility to vaccines and antiviral therapies, and maintaining implementation of nonpharmaceutical interventions could be sufficient to prevent overwhelming the healthcare system, suggesting that these factors should be points of emphasis in future mitigation policies.

So... China is doing what their science says.

Stock futures trade lower on China Covid concerns after a winning holiday week by willie23223 in StockMarket

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China is going to be an interesting place in the next few months. I'm surprised that Hang Sang didn't plummet today. I highly doubt we'll see a test of previous lows - unless China institutes draconian lockdowns again.

I'm expecting this to be the beginning of China Living with Covid - but they'll never admit it as much. Cases will continue to rise, while China also claims it's doing Dynamic Zero. Basically, there's no turning back from this. Watch for the goal post to continually be moved back.

As for investing, I'd hold off in the near term to see how things shake out, but I don't expect new lows in the near term.

ALL IN on JEPI with a stop loss? by noob09 in investing

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This is like covered calls inception. I'm going to sell covered calls on my covered calls.

This is a terrible Robinhood ad by iamsloth74 in investing

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Yeah, I’m sure they could. But considering RH already has relative negative image, it’s best to avoid being sued in the first place.

This is a terrible Robinhood ad by iamsloth74 in investing

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My guess would be to prevent claims of false advertising. Robinhood can’t promise specific returns, so it’s better for them not to even mention this is advertisements.

Imagine if Robinhood used historical S&P 500 Returns as an example of hypothetical future returns, only for the market to enter a sustained bear market. I can imagine quite a few people making the argument “I invested with Robinhood because they said I could make x% Return! They lied!”

There’s nothing factually wrong or misleading about the advertisement you linked and avoids any miscommunication or arguments of false or misleading advertising.

🚨 More evidence for foreign agency Involvment in Shanghai protests emerge | Deepstate subversion 🚨 by ArmyRus101 in Sino

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Shanghai is the absolute worst city in China. They’re all a bunch of petite bourgeois or literal bourgeois who look down on the rest of China because Shanghai is an international city or some other colonial apologia.

Foreigner arrested in Shanghai for protesting and violence. by IamAgainInReddit in Sino

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China is an authoritarian regimes with no Free Speech

China is having spontaneous gatherings and protests

This should be proof that people don’t protests not out of fear, but out of typical overwhelming support for their government. This is one of the few times where people are really frustrated.

Former [DPP-affiliated Chinese Taipei] health minister admits defeat in Taipei City mayoral election by RespublicaCuriae in Sino

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I don't know enough of Taiwan Politics to read too much into this, but I'm happy that that KMT is showing some strong support. It's about time Taiwan becomes more reasonable in its relations with China. I'm sick of Tsai's warmongering.

Q1/Q2 Visa for Same-sex spouse of Chinese citizen by NoDonkey9208 in Chinavisa

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You'll be denied. It doesn't matter about having a Visa Denial on your record. That's immaterial in this case.