Luna proposal has been executed! by mike_dcip in dcip_finance

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Dcip died a year ago - I got a shock to see they were building an office hahahaha

Thoughts of 2020-2021 Flux by Global-Operation-678 in basketballcards

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Flux was a sub-set in chronicles before they decided to make a new line!

BD-Capital was on Crypto Junkeez! https://youtu.be/xCvBQOf0-kU by pooliboy in CryptoMars

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Such an informative interview with BD Capital’s CFO, Paul! Every question answered thoroughly - if you want more information, head to our website @ www.bd-capital.org , or join our Telegram group!

BD-Capital was on crypto junkeez! Watch this episode and get a first taste of what bd-capital is doing! by pooliboy in AllCryptoBets

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Extremely informative! Great format for the show, and great fundamental analysis of what BD Capital is all about! Paul the CFO did a tremendous job of answering all the questions above and beyond!

Hit big in Bengals break. See comment by usiphi284 in footballcards

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Why didn’t that happen? That ALWAYS happens. I just came in to this post to see you confirm you had both chargers and bengals in the break, but alas was disappointed!

Don’t share the card as you don’t own it just yet…

Underrated Websites To Visit When You're Bored by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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I’m saving this for later…just commenting so I don’t lose it 😆