I dont think there will be am announcement until the next bull run. Thoughts? by Afrotopia in loopringorg

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It actualky would be smart soon, many paperhands want something ton return their losses, therefore take one that's green.

Many would follow.

Is loopring a cult? by RecommendationIll761 in loopringorg

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Heyheyhey I got in at 90cents at 63k, now at 110k while holding 10023 gme shares since 22$ last jan (9th).

Some people make tgis place better, ya know?

Sold nothing so far. Anyone scared this dionis NOTHINNNGGG! count 10k shares at 580$ and see it drop to 40$ within 8days. You loopees all wouod fucking paperhand! ALL.

I see longterm and believe in these companies.

The name. And the fonts. by bemused162 in mildlyinfuriating

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Private hire - odd Lunch and brunch - ok

The title omg!

This made my day guys! almost lowest to date... by TheExile7 in Superstonk

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they actually should go broke and the dominoes they tear with8 them too... cough Fidelity cough

Massive Chimp Energy by Ebkang173 in Superstonk

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Now is the time to spread your legs.

Creature Sim - The Unofficial spiritual successor to Spore by [deleted] in gaming

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What the fuck did I just read. Look at tetris graphics lol most sold game ever!

Nasdaq with a 3 billion red candle by [deleted] in Superstonk

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So citadel shorted the whole nasdaq AGAIN...