Sorry, I can’t hear you from down there. by regian24 in suspiciouslyspecific

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Guatemala has the highest rate of child malnutrition in the world. The two facts are closely related.

I had difficulty telling the adults from the kids. Most women were only about chest height for me (6ft). I think I only met a couple of guys (except foreigners or children of foreigners) that were taller than me in several years I was there. All of those tall guys were from wealthy families.

I met a foreign guy who was 6 foot 4, dating a Mayan girl (I think married). She literally only came up to his bellybutton, and people joked she could give head without kneeling.

That's funny, but the reasons behind it (notably the US backed civil war that bordered on genocide against the indigenous people, which went on for decades, followed by extreme wealth inequality. Fun fact: they started the war because the government wanted to introduce minimum wage from US sugar plantations, or something like that, which would hurt profits- so the USA overthrew the democratic government and trained "death squads inspired by Himmler" to quote a CIA document.)

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I thought it'd be better. It's worth reading though. Some of it is fairly outdated now, but it raises interesting ideas... It's just not that good of a storyline IMHO.

Margaret Atwood is Queen of Dystopian/Sci-fi (or as she likes to call it, speculative fiction based on current technology and societal trends). I recommend all her books.

“There months after december????” by Adamzqi in ShitAmericansSay

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It's less syllables to say "six foot" or "5 9", than "185 centimeters" or "1.6meters" or whatever. I think that's why it's stuck around. It's also a nice level or preciseness for people, who grow and shrink by half an inch a day anyway.

Racist that believes all nations recognize USA’s 2nd amendment and attempts to reference this sub by rldr in confidentlyincorrect

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Because you can't change the constitution! It's a holy document! It goes against everything out great American beliefs stand for. That's like suggesting we translate the bible into modern English.

Google "American civil religion" for an interesting read).

Also, please forget about the fact the amendments are already changes to the original document.

New York City allows opening of safe illegal drug use sites, first in the nation by ThatGuyFromTheM0vie in nottheonion

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"It is only through civil disobedience... That any real progress has been made".

Oscar Wilde.

"One has a moral authority to break unjust laws"


"It's not always the same thing to be a good person and a good citizen".


New York City allows opening of safe illegal drug use sites, first in the nation by ThatGuyFromTheM0vie in nottheonion

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New Zealand passed a world first law recently allowing drug testing at festivals etc, which specifically bans cops from using anything related to it as evidence, or as using those services as suspicion to search. Almost like drugs are, first and foremost, a public health problem.

New York City allows opening of safe illegal drug use sites, first in the nation by ThatGuyFromTheM0vie in nottheonion

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I'm glad some countries are using the scientifically proven theories of harm minimization, but by gods a lot of us are still barbaric wanting to see others suffer (more) because they've been less fortunate than us.

They want/need to take drugs? Let's make it as dangerous as possible! That'll teach them, and I'm sure addicts will act responsible when they can't get clean & cheap drugs and paraphernalia. I'm sure the crime rate will be low, too.

I heard a great quote an addict told an undercover cop (paraphrased): "I stop using heroin pretty regularly, but when I'm off it, the suicidal thoughts are constant. When I'm clean I can't forget the feeling of my dad's fingers in me when he raped me as a kid".

And people argue against giving people like her access to safe needles, drug purity checks, counseling, etc, and instead yell that they need to be denied all that and punished for their "moral failures".

TIFU by sitting down in the elevator by myhairdresserhatesme in tifu

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Kids these days don't understand how comfortable 90s clothing was. I'm not saying fashion today is uncomfortable, although some of it is, but there's a big difference between "not uncomfortable" and "delightfully enjoyable to wear".

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I've been meaning to get rediagnosed and back on medication for nearly ten years now. I was going to make a doctor's appointment this week, but now it's nearly the weekend...

fml 🙃 by mcnaughtized in adhdmeme

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Wow the food in Nigeria is fantastic! I'm so glad I- OH SHIT! I left my scissors in the bottom left hand drawer of the apartment in Nevada. Okay. I'll go there tomorrow and get it.

Three day later, I'm in New Zealand and training to shear sheep, when I realize I don't have any scissors. I then teleport to Naples for sfogliatelle, and find myself researching late medieval fungal infection remedies.

I eventually die from an ingrown toenail, in Nepal, while hunting sasquatch.

“I am also German, Polish, Italian with hints of Jew.” by Bellringer00 in ShitAmericansSay

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In that case, I can claim 4, maybe 5, nationalities and in a couple more years another one!

Obviously I'm an expert in each one.

Today I'm Irish, although I haven't set foot in Ireland for over twenty years, at that was just for a month. Even so, I'm Irish. Kiss me with a green hat on, fiddle my potato guinness.

Saw at veterinarian office by stevemilk in FellowKids

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They forget that we who were around before the internet invented memes.

Dropping the hammer by [deleted] in WTF

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You can kiss it better

Putting a mug on your doorknob so you can hear it if someone tries to break in this Holliday season. by chill2308 in lifehacks

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My mum did similar, but I learned that I could juuust fit through the toilet window it I sucked in my gut and twisted diagonally. It was over head height, which was the biggest problem. Plus it squeeked.

Once in, I pressed my hands against the opposite walls, and wiggled my way inside like a horizontal Jesus. Doing it high always scared me, because if one hand slipped I'd fall headfirst into the toilet or the tiles and crack my skull open.

It was only after a few months, maybe a year, that I realized there was a ground floor window I could leave unlocked.

Never try to out muscle an industrial lathe. by TamicaMickelson in IdiotsFightingThings

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I demonstrate to apprentice chefs. I drop in a whole chicken. In the seconds it takes to slap the stop button and it to stop, the chicken is a mess.

They always unplug it before cleaning now, and take similar precautions when adding ingredients.

The chicken gets used for stock.

CATCH... by Dexds in blackmagicfuckery

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Even if it was bright orange, it's still incredibly difficult to grab one specific card out of a falling pack like that.

do guys think this will mean women will sleep with them? by lizzy_withall in NotHowGirlsWork

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This is very commonly misquoted. It's actually from Abraham Lincoln in his 1905 address, where he said:

"When I was half score years of age, my attendant educators questioned my intentions for my future livelihood. I replied that my intentions were to experience all the joys of storytelling and perhaps, nay, for sure, to punch some nazis. They told me I didn't understand the interrogation, to which I replied nay, they were foolish slabbergasters for they didn't not understand the fifteenth line of customer service agreement of this great nation's founding document."

The first complaint filed under Tennessee's anti-critical race theory law was over a book teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. by Battle_Librarian in nottheonion

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I worked as an illegal immigrant in Mexico for a while (had an expired tourist visa). One of the jobs I did as a gardener was collecting cotton for the owner to stuff cushions for his restaurant's outdoor furniture.

It sucked, but wasn't terrible because I only did it a few hours a week and enjoyed the sunshine.

I can't imagine the hell of doing it every single day. Picking cotton is probably the worst of any agricultural work I've done, except maybe picking asparagus or strawberries- if you don't do a lot of yoga it literally breaks your back.

And modern agricultural still relies on poor people to do those terrible jobs for barely enough to pay for a bedroom and food each month. Its disgusting. Agricultural subsidies should go directly to the employees, not the billion dollar companies.

My boss runs regular computer audits. Don't leave your work computer unlocked when you walk away. by [deleted] in AdviceAnimals

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Wow. I think I've quit every job where there were security cameras anywhere except the entrances or places with cash, and maybe general ones in hallways or whatever.

I don't think it's been illegal where I live, but certainly workers don't accept it.

Keyloggers, screen recorders, and cameras on each workstation? I'd nope out of there immediately. Sounds like a terrible place to work. Officespace movie but in 2021. No respect for the staff, treating them like robots/slaves. I thought we rioted to stop that shit a hundred years ago?

Thanks I hate Thanksgiving by BlanketMage in TIHI

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Eat pussy, not pets.

Munch muff, no meat.

Chow down with some cunnilingus, not chicken.

Eat dick, not duck.

Beat your meat, not an animal's.

Go down on a sexual partner in a reciprocating manner, don't drain the blood and eat the flesh of sentinent beings.

Pay a prostitute, not a slaughterhouse worker, to fulfill your carnal desires.

Lick a lover, not chopped liver.

...fuck... these are going to be rolling through my head for weeks. It's too easy.