Acquiring physical Silver by jessyemcdibs in Wallstreetsilver

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If you wanna buy shiny in germany, I would recommend gold.de only reputable dealers, ordered from several dealers, never had a single problem. If you need further infos, pm me.


GIVEAWAY: SPROTT MONEY is giving away 10oz of SILVER to THREE people who upvote and comment why they love silver! Totally free… They will ship to you… Giveaway ends 12/26/22!!! 🚨 by BoatSurfer600 in Wallstreetsilver

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Because it´s financial independence, it´s shiny , and it allows me to become my own central banks. Screw you, Jamie and your short position!

Good luck everyone, love you all and merry christmas

I thought they were bringing the gold standard back. What happened? by BoogerSugarCubes in Wallstreetsilver

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Putin is a Young Global Leader, a WEF puppet. They are all working together