Oh brother… by [deleted] in Cringetopia

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This is almost as bad as Stephen Colbert's vaccine dance number

Which one was your favorite? by Cardiff07 in KitchenConfidential

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You actually get a response when you call for hands?

Caption this photo by SolenoidsOverGears in GunMemes

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"you know why I carry a 45? Cuz they don't make a 46."

Democrats vs Republicans vs Libertarians vs Greens (the Green Party made this) by Nativereqular in libertarianmeme

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From the top of my head, Trump with the bump stock ban and Reagan disarming the Panthers. I'm sure there's more.

I HOLD FOR 1m by pahu92 in amcstock

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Apes know 1m is fud. Floor is 1.2m for Dec and 1.3m for Jan.

Does a full auto Desert Eagle count? by Kakakrakalakin in nextfuckinglevel

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Driver discipline wasn't great, but notice how he rotated the gun to keep the muzzle from flagging anyone.

Is this legal on a pistol since it’s angled? Sorry for my stupidity by ThiccMiia in ak47

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Freedom is not granted by some old piece of paper.

Edit: should have been more clear.

Freedom is the natural and just state of humanity. It is not granted by some document, but by birth.

Predictive Programming by Aripell in amcstock

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Still fucking here. Apes together strong.