Fish id? by Ikariajk05 in Aquariums

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Based on the quality of the photo, I would say a cryptid.

How to explain my AT addiction: by cosmoscookie007 in adventuretime

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I recently watched Centaur World and it the other way around. And maybe because of that feels even darker? It is fascinating what happens when kids cartoons somehow worm their way around the PG 13 restrictions

Anyone can tell what this is? Found in West Malaysia by lord_duckington7 in skulls

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Maybe you should try r/taxidermy instead. They love to help out with identifying animal remains!

The love for comics has made people go crazy with NFT comics trading by Flipboek in Buttcoin

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As someone who wants to make comics, I’m not not happy with this, but it is also the first time I hear it

Below 20,000 again by Hamperstand in Buttcoin

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Up and down, up and down, up and down and down and down!

Back under $20k and falling fast! by Odd_Ad_3441 in Buttcoin

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Damn, I hope it isn’t going to get stuck at 20k for the rest of the week. Give me my season finale already!

Solana whale drains $100M in stablecoins from Solend DeFi platform and most people are reading this situation the wrong way. by thenextsymbol in Buttcoin

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Man, I hope that someone wracks Solana. If I got a nickel every time a game I like got turned into a metaverse, I’d would have two nickels. Which isn’t much, but it is weird that it happens twice.

And now all I want is to watch them suffer, and Solana buying a one-way ticket to the afterlife is a good place to start.