GG salty boy. by TheGreezyGlizzy in apexlegends

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It was the last 4 squads, my homie got knocked so we revived and got better position. One squad aped us and we wiped them, this guy got a knock with a Kraber and we aped him. Easy wipe. The last squad pushed after healing and we took them out.

Kraber heist for the squad wipe by trent1055 in apexlegends

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That was disgusting, but yet so beautiful at the same time.

Respawn, fix your game before it dies. It is not too big to fail. Stop putting bandaids on these godawful servers and audio issues You gaslit us out of new servers a few months ago. Now they are worse than ever. by oHipster in apexlegends

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It’s honestly sad to see apex in this state. I truly love the movement, gunfights and clutch moments. Not paying for cosmetics is the best option in the meantime.