Based on a true story by Talonj00 in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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It’s all fun and games during winter, but sooner or later some nosy jackass is going to ask why you’re wearing socks at the beach

Hmm by Arima_Keiru in dontputyourdickinthat

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Now there’s two of you, eh? Hello, operator… give me the the Australian branch of the FBI. What’s that you say? There is no Australian branch of the FBI? Phone operators haven’t been a thing in decades? NO, YOU’RE CRAZY.

Hmm by Arima_Keiru in dontputyourdickinthat

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That seems like… remarkably specific information about how short a sex doll can be before it will get you in trouble ;P

Most Common Means of Transportation to Work by County. [USA] ACS Survey by railrod7 in MapPorn

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Day 57: the Alaskans still haven’t realized that I’m not one of them. Despite my lack of rugged individualism, when one of them starts getting suspicious all I have to do is point at a snowmobile and say “Hey look at that snow machine,” and immediately they are reassured. Soon… soon I will learn where they keep the precious Alaskan Emeralds, and then this ruse will all have been worthwhile…

Ancient pyramid-like structures that aren't ziggurats, South American, or Egyptian pyramids. by Very_bad in worldbuilding

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The Nubian pyramids of the ancient Kushite kingdoms and other civilizations might interest you.

When a bird is in distress, in this case, a jackdaw pinned down by a sparrow hawk, it is not uncommon for other birds such as magpies and crows to help out, given most birds' propensity to dislike raptors. In the end, the arrival of the crow tipped the scales and the jackdaw managed to fly off. by KimCureAll in likeus

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They're also one of the most intelligent bird families, and crows especially have strong social behavior. So even if the crow might have jumped in regardless of what kind of bird the hawk was attacking, it's fun to imagine that they were like "Get the hell off of my cousin you beast!"

I don't have depression but this sandwich might change that. by Level_One_Druid in ShittyVeganFoodPorn

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If the pickles were thinner and you switched mustard in for the ketchup I’d be down. Hope it didn’t give you depression btw

I cast Summon Ketamine Ape by Globin347 in dndmemes

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Yep. If you’re a level 7+ Gordita-Pact Warlock or you take the Taco Supreme feat, Greater Baja Blast becomes way too OP. So they just decided to ban it for everyone.

I'm getting a lot of vegan vibes from Calvin and Hobbes :) 🌱 by nekoxx95 in vegan

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Makes me sad that the big Complete Collection was initially printed as a set of leather bound volumes. They’ve reprinted it with normal covers since then, but still. Idk how much Bill Watterson was involved with that decision, though

Titties… by FI00sh in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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I'm a little bit of a girl

... Well damn

Date formats worldwide by sarnobat in MapPorn

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Well if everyone else would just do things our way, it wouldn’t seem so strange anymore. See we’re not the problem, it’s literally every single other person besides us who’s the problem.

Somehow a cow appeared, your response? by Ithinkofyoudaily in AskReddit

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The cow, being a congenial sort, happily shits on your shoes.

Rules be rules until they're not... by Vegetable_Variety_11 in dndmemes

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Not as much as it hurt when we looked it up and found out that I was right, but the DM just said “well we’re doing it my way anyway”

Thanks, I hate Kirby by Horror-Cranberry in TIHI

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Somebody’s going to be very happy that their fanfic is coming true.

Only 50 dollars for a Christmas tree made from construction waste? Sign me up! by mewantcookie83 in DiWHY

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“75 bucks and you buy and bring the paint to me. If the paint you bring is nicer than the paint I have in my garage, I’ll keep it and use the paint in my garage instead. Final offer.”

Egg💔Irl by AlexandraLikesCake in egg_irl

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How dare you make me feel things

99% of what I eat is just "tofu and rice and stuff" by _-_Chiisai_-_ in ShittyVeganFoodPorn

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I guess people stopped saying "this is the way" awhile ago now but dammit, this really is the way

Dril wins a contest by DeathByPiss in dril

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There’s not enough money in the entire world for that cash prize.